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  • August 16 2017, 10:23:35 AM nocooler: alien covenant is worth a watch
  • August 16 2017, 01:47:11 PM Scoobum: R1 picked up a miss between idle and 2800 rpm. Prolly time for a set of plugs. w at 11,000 km's
  • August 16 2017, 05:15:30 PM Scoobum: Looks like I'll have just enuf patience to change one plug per day. Orbit anymore wrenches and I won't have any left.......... ......[link]
  • August 16 2017, 05:17:55 PM Scoobum: Pissed off already...can't even get the link right...try this one........... .[link]
  • August 16 2017, 06:11:20 PM Scoobum: And the fuel filter is inside the fuel pump. Couldn't possibly done an inline filter setup. I guess I'll need to drop by the liquor store....
  • August 16 2017, 07:01:36 PM xpander343: was the big board trying to keep up with the level of drama the FB group comes up with?
  • August 16 2017, 07:27:34 PM daveismissing: Yah, Sig's were changed in anger, some posts are deleted now in the calm after the storm...
  • August 16 2017, 10:26:23 PM good2win22: Tell you guys like I told Brad, I don't even visit that board anymore. Greed has taken over that place
  • August 16 2017, 11:13:48 PM Scoobum: I keep a close eye on Murphster, PacecarTA, Mr Spool and Chuck Leeper. I ignore all the other stuff.
  • August 17 2017, 07:51:23 AM Scoobum: Did some digging. These R1's had a recall for the TPS.I was never notified. Lots of vids with the idle jumping like mine does. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm mm.........
  • August 17 2017, 10:59:11 AM Steve Wood: yesterday, I get a note from someone that has been around Buicks for a long time asking how to change the turnsignal lever.  I tell him I have not done one in a long time but I recall that it is basically pull the stalk out, and fish the wire out after tying a string to it so he can pull the wire on the new stalk back thru the column.  I tell him its been a long time so to Google a Youtube video and use that in case I forgot something.  This morning, he writes that he called Leslie at Highwaystars and she does not have a clue on how to do it....well, DOH!  Also his real problem is that the turn signal will not cancel after a turn and he hopes the new stalk fixes it.  I really wanted to tell him to check with the tooth fairy and ask her for directions.... .but no, I googled him a video on how to pop the stalk out and the el camino site on how to disassemble the column....coul d not find one on how to use your arm to signal turns with.
  • August 17 2017, 12:02:25 PM Steve Wood: disassemble the column because the switch is bad...not the stalk...obviou sly
  • August 17 2017, 12:54:22 PM daveismissing: Why they made it so you can even break the canceller was braindead
  • August 17 2017, 01:38:08 PM Steve Wood: you don't appreciate parts sales
  • August 17 2017, 06:48:13 PM TexasT: plastic parts dont last forever.
  • August 17 2017, 11:27:29 PM Steve Wood: There is a a large variation in the quality of the plastic used by different companies as well
  • August 18 2017, 08:35:31 AM Scoobum: Todays track weather....... .............. .............. ...[link]
  • August 18 2017, 09:10:27 AM Steve Wood: bad winter?  [link]
  • August 18 2017, 09:15:24 AM nocooler: Way to soon to start thinking about snow!
  • August 18 2017, 09:57:15 AM Steve Wood: Brad's summer may be indicative of your winter
  • August 18 2017, 10:14:10 AM Just a Six?: With us having some amount of rain almost daily this summer we just may be in for a fair amount of snow if it keeps up  Altho last winter we didn't get very cold so it may just produce more rain & cold  again with generally just being Miserable! Weather is definitely weird around here the past while.
  • August 18 2017, 10:18:02 AM Just a Six?: When Paul (Quicktoy) & I modded my column shift for a line lock we (mostly Paul) followed a print out I made of about 15 pages off some GM site (maybe El Camino?) & I suggest to Take Pictures as you go!
  • August 18 2017, 03:36:24 PM Steve Wood: That's is always an excellent idea and the older I get, the more excellenter it gets!
  • August 18 2017, 11:21:57 PM Scoobum: 7.3 at 98 on an easy 1.7x launch on the 3rd tuning run. Max fuel pulled from low gear coming in at 799. Cooler temps and slowly bumping the boost will push it down where I want it.
  • August 19 2017, 08:39:36 AM Steve Wood: That is simply boring.  I was having more fun when you were looking for a problem due to the O2s not being what they were for the last three years LOL
  • August 19 2017, 08:51:20 AM Scoobum: At least we got it figured out. Eric sure loads up on low gear fuel. 30.4 degrees of low gear timing I threw at it last nite. I could have done better on the launches but I wanted to see what it would do in a race situation with little spool time.
  • August 19 2017, 09:00:09 AM Scoobum: VP 112 race gas and Erics 112 race chip for those keepimg score.
  • August 19 2017, 09:08:39 AM Steve Wood: I think Eric wants to be damned sure his chip defaults cover a lot of ground so he won't blamed for a problem.  Glad you posted the chip and fuel as I had been wondering.  You might tell him how much you are pulling out
  • August 19 2017, 09:12:52 AM Scoobum: I agree Steve. Just my 2 cents. Eric gets very little feedback of real world he's making a best guess with fueling.
  • August 19 2017, 10:52:30 AM reality: which is why he likes a log of a car in the real world after testing. No 2 cars have the same tolerance and why they are adjustable.

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