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General Buick Tech / Re: 60 ft blues
« Last post by Steve Wood on Today at 09:05:05 PM »
Dan, that is the amazing thing-they warranty them!

As far as the cost, they are in the range of a loaded Ford Pick up...the fact that people pay that for a damned truck is what blows my mind.
General Buick Tech / Re: 60 ft blues
« Last post by Grumpy on Today at 08:57:32 PM »
the new stuff out now is crazy. pricey?? ya BUT it has a warranty. I am really considering a 2020 GT 500.  :rock:
..nowadays a 10 sec Buick is easy to do and very reliable. Russ just did one for the HOT ROD Power Tour. never missed a beat. Amazing cars still getting attention  :cool;
Paint and Body / detailing single stage black lacquer-
« Last post by wmsonta on Today at 08:52:05 PM »
After waiting 5 wks on an appointment with the supposed best detail man there is, he jerked me around. Wanted me to make another appointment. I do not give money to anybody who jerks me around. I am going to detail the gn myself. I hate detailing, always have. So, even though I was around a lot of it, I paid little attention and learned less.

This thread may be a bit hasty for a number of reasons. I am old. UPS brought my headliner today. I do a small workout 5 days a week. I get hauled to the races almost every weekend. I prefer to do most work on a slab in front of a building that is 15 ft to the rafters and only shaded in the pm.

What I need-Mckees 37 waterless wash to go (I believe the same as Detailer's or Dealer's? Pride)
sandwich baggies
painter s tape
Q tips
XMT Speed Clay and XMT speed clay Lube
loop weave or heavy pile micro-fiber towels
Meguiar's #7
Meguiar's #26 wax or equivalent.
I think my best bet is to find a supplier who has the most of these and try to combine shipping.

I consider a single stage lacquer to be the thinnest oem paint job. I believe the primer and paint combined to be less than half as thick as just the clear coat on modern stuff. There will be no abrasives. I own top of the line buffers and polishers, DA's, everything you could ask. I do not trust myself to use them on this no tint added black car. I intend, all by hand. Tape off one panel at a time.

If you have opinions, advice, a favorite supplier, experiences, etc., now is the time to get in here.
General Buick Tech / Re: 60 ft blues
« Last post by Steve Wood on Today at 07:08:20 PM »
yep, seems like magic to me but they do it with relative ease...the use of technology is amazing on some of these modern cars
General Buick Tech / Re: 60 ft blues
« Last post by reality on Today at 06:43:11 PM »
A new redeye will run 10's 100% stock. Yes it takes a good track and driver but still.
General Buick Tech / Re: 60 ft blues
« Last post by Pyro6 on Today at 06:38:53 PM »
Since i don't have a GN anymore, just my .02$. Where I was headed and working on and what I think would have made us consistent was boost control and leaving off RPM's. Saves the equipment and gives a good 60. I'll come back to beat a dead horse, bracket racing these cars on a regular basis against other cars than turbo Buicks is a true challenge.
General Buick Tech / Re: 60 ft blues
« Last post by Steve Wood on Today at 06:06:28 PM »
Some one needs to get you into your Buick.  I suspect you might be surprised how easy it is to have a 11 second street Buick these days :D

Buicks are easy compared to some of this old stuff.  I need to get back on this one and try to get it to go straight when you give it some gas.  Street tires are not helping.  My son told me I just could not drive anymore, but, as you see, when he eased into it, he lost his nerve quick!  Made my day!
General Buick Tech / Re: 60 ft blues
« Last post by wmsonta on Today at 05:43:32 PM »
"Wmsonto you got some good reading on bracket racing Iíll read it"
Tim-Get the knock issue fixed. Then, if you like, I can suggest a way to compare any two changes with no math involved. Apples to apples. The way you race now vs foot brake. 2 step vs no 2 step. Engine tune. Etc.

"She brings the boost to 3#s then bumps in and the race is on."
Grumpy-Yeah, foot brake is all about finding a leave that is easy to hold and easily repeatable. Let the converter do the work.

"  My suggestion to launch off the brake at lower boost was primarily aimed at seeing what effect,"
Steve Woods!-I understood that and agree. I think everybody should try foot brake first.

"This thread has potential
.............. .............. .. And  there must be lots of 11 second cars."
Tim-There are currently 540 views.I would say there are a number of 11 sec cars at the track. Damn few legit 11 sec street cars.

"Digression, here."
Steve- Yup, I lived though it. If I can post this picture-it will be of the most hardcore street racer I help. His pickup goes 11.85 at the track and probably 12.0 on the street. He refuses to compromise any more street-ability. I do not believe he has ever lost on the street in KC. He lost in the picture. The other car used to be a NHRA record holder Super Stock slant six.
General Buick Tech / Re: 60 ft blues
« Last post by Steve Wood on Today at 04:16:22 PM »
Digression, here.

The most fun I ever had racing was "The line it up and show me just how bad that piece of sh** (fill in the brand) is!  I got X amount of money to find out!"

There was always some idiot that would stand in the middle of a country road and flag 'em off!  I think the State Troopers loved those days as much as we did.  A few nights were memorable.  It seemed to go downhill with the passing of the 'sixties. 
General Buick Tech / Re: 60 ft blues
« Last post by Grumpy on Today at 03:54:50 PM »
Donít think outlaws and no prep care about 60 ft role out or even reaction time.
Grumpy  our anyone what did a 11 seconds time slip look like?

ohhhh they sure do !!!  Melissa is good on the instant green .  She runs "NO TIME" events. Not interested in NO PREP. They are great to watch but we value the car to much  :O :rofl: No time slips handy.. That was back in the day till 2004 I think.
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