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  • 85and87turbofun: Sounds like a frantic search to me. Big difference between cooperating and allowing my right to be trampled. I would not escalate a situation, expecially when I'm outnumbered. Thats just common sense.
    February 09 2021, 12:13:17 PM
  • ULYCYC: Can't go by news reports too much these days. Bottom line, the mob lead by a off duty correction officer that got fired is not justified to enter anyones property. If they really had proof real police would have came with a warrant or act like real police with badges. That would of put the homeowners at ease.
    February 09 2021, 12:30:23 PM
  • Steve Wood: Vigilantes.... nothing comes good of such actions.  Open the door to one and hope to stop the rest?   Either we are a nation of laws, or society will not survive long.
    February 09 2021, 03:50:42 PM
  • TexasT: I know it is a big joke to our northern types on our lack of driving skill in Icey conditions, but my prayers go out to those who lost loved ones this am on I35w in Ft Worth. I stayed home and make the realization of how fragile life is against steel and icey conditions. The upside just isn't worth it to be out in those conditions. Be safe out there everyone!
    February 11 2021, 10:02:33 PM
  • Steve Wood: Amen! That was horrible
    February 11 2021, 11:37:54 PM
  • Steve Wood: I remember going to Calgary in the winter and being stunned how many Canucks forgot how to drive in the ice and snow.  I think there are idiots every where LOL
    February 11 2021, 11:56:08 PM
  • reality: I spent a year in the desert in n Africa and the same thing happened when it rained.
    February 12 2021, 06:12:06 AM
  • ULYCYC: Same here in NY. Idiots allover. Worse are soccer moms with awd suv's who think they are invinceable in bad weather.
    February 12 2021, 07:12:47 AM
  • TexasT: [link] sad how "city people" don't understand  that a rancher has to keep his heard safe from predators.
    February 15 2021, 09:21:07 AM
  • Steve Wood: Yep, they don't understand that predators put ranchers out of business.  Coyotes will kill calves if the can get to them before their mother does.  Red foxes kill sheep and goats-generally young ones.  Coons just walk up to baby sheep and goats and eat their tongues and faces off and leave them standing there to die.  Bobcats kill whatever they can sneak upon on.  they don't seem to kill for the fun of it like coyotes or domestic dogs.  All carry rabies.
    February 15 2021, 09:41:05 AM
  • Steve Wood: A side effect of leaving these predators unchecked is the disappearance of quail, rabbits, turkeys, jack rabbits, baby deer, etc that they feed on as well.
    February 15 2021, 10:20:00 AM
  • Steve Wood: And to top it off, I now have hogs starting to show up along the creek.  It would be easier to kill off rats and cockroaches than it is to control hogs.
    February 15 2021, 10:21:21 AM
  • Shimy87: Hey Steve, is your power working where you are?
    February 16 2021, 06:26:18 PM
  • Steve Wood: Yes... They have not turned it off and it did not go down. My son had no power for 24 hrs
    February 16 2021, 08:03:16 PM
  • Shimy87: Good to hear, hope your son is staying warm now!
    February 16 2021, 08:08:19 PM
  • Steve Wood: It was 50 in his house yesterday afternoon. Good thing he had a gaslog fire place to sit in front of. He still does not have the net but he is ahead of a million others that still don't have power there
    February 16 2021, 09:09:05 PM
  • nocooler: Nothing like going out to check your mail and to find the damn mailbox laying in the front yard.
    February 17 2021, 01:09:46 PM
  • nocooler: I’m really surprised but the road commission gave me a new post, top board and a new mailbox.
    February 17 2021, 03:23:06 PM
  • Steve Wood: Some days you win!
    February 17 2021, 06:14:32 PM
  • Steve Wood: the sun is out and the temperature has inched above freezing!
    February 19 2021, 01:16:42 PM
  • nocooler: We’ve got about 18” of white stuff and 4-6” this weekend. It’s been just enough daily accumulation to have to scrape the driveway.
    February 19 2021, 05:01:07 PM
  • nocooler: Hopefully all our friends down south made it through this mess safely!
    February 19 2021, 05:01:43 PM
  • Just a Six?: Lots of crazy stories in the news about people freezing with no running water & the burst pipes that come with that mess. Good Luck to all of you!
    February 19 2021, 08:36:19 PM
  • Steve Wood: 90 miles north of me in Abilene, they found a man frozen to death in his recliner and his wife was almost dead next to him in her chair. As of yesterday, they did not know if she was going to make it.  Records for the annual snowfall set in most places.
    February 20 2021, 09:05:44 AM
  • Top Speed: Steve, that is terrible!
    February 20 2021, 07:31:42 PM
  • Steve Wood: There are quite a few like that, unfortunately
    February 21 2021, 09:41:18 AM
  • nocooler: and whats up with the wholesale electric pricing instead of fixed? Looks like a lot of people that still had power got nailed with huge bills.
    February 22 2021, 02:56:59 PM
  • TexasT: [link] seemed pretty real to me.
    February 22 2021, 04:17:43 PM
  • TexasT: The bills are part of the "competitive" plans many if not all of the providers offer. I am not sure what some think but having a deal where it can go up seemingly infinatley isn't something I would sign up for .
    February 22 2021, 04:19:17 PM
  • Steve Wood: I believe some rope and some strong tree limbs might be the best solution for this
    February 23 2021, 08:08:42 AM

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