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  • Scoobum: When I went to bed election night Trump was winning in a landslide. For some odd reason the counting stopped...and people were told to come back the next morning. I check in the morning...and Trumps losing and all the votes when they started up were all for Biden. Discuss amongst yourselves...[link]
    November 22 2020, 10:47:21 PM
  • Scoobum: The truth about what's going on with the election...and yes...the US election system is broken....[link]
    November 23 2020, 06:51:37 AM
  • Scoobum: How the 'sheeple' think...[link]
    November 23 2020, 07:59:19 AM
  • Scoobum: How Wuflu rules are created...[link]
    November 23 2020, 08:46:01 AM
  • Scoobum: CA Dems author bill to protect sex offenders who lure minors...[link]
    November 23 2020, 09:58:00 AM
  • Scoobum: Chief Science of Pfizer says second wave is faked. Tell us something we didn't already know. And recovery rate is 99.8%. The same as any other flu...[link]
    November 23 2020, 05:39:24 PM
  • Scoobum: Lawsuit against the State of the Netherlands. Holland and Germany are also facing lawsuits...[link]
    November 23 2020, 05:57:42 PM
  • Scoobum: New York Sheriffs tell Cuomo to shove it...[link]
    November 23 2020, 06:41:46 PM
  • Scoobum: Adamson BBQ defying the lockdowns and are open for full dining today. I talked to Scoob and I think we're gonna head down and support this guy...[link]
    November 24 2020, 08:10:29 AM
  • Scoobum: Fake news hypocrisy...[link]
    November 24 2020, 03:23:44 PM
  • Scoobum: I'm surprised CTV put these numbers up. Slide ahead to 3:54 for the numbers. 10,947 deaths with 10,781 in LTC homes. The gov't and MSM have whipped this into a frenzy and ruined peoples lives and the economy...[link]
    November 24 2020, 04:04:49 PM
  • Scoobum: California now has a Wuflu curfew from 10pm to 5am. I assume the Governor has ascertained that the the Wuflu only comes out at night...
    November 24 2020, 04:18:24 PM
  • Scoobum: Brian Lilley from the Toronto Sun Oct 7 2020. " A review of just-released data on deaths in long-term care though shows that while the province was hard hit, it really was not that much worse than a bad flu season when it came to fatalitiesfor our most vulnerable." Other than this being a scam, does anyone know what's going on here?
    November 24 2020, 06:03:42 PM
  • Scoobum: Wuflu modelling in Ontario is currently sitting at 6500 new cases daily by Dec 15th. We know how accurate they were last time...
    November 25 2020, 12:00:30 PM
  • Scoobum: This is what CNN does when you tell the truth...[link]
    November 25 2020, 12:10:46 PM
  • Scoobum: Read the first's all about the money...[link]
    November 25 2020, 01:22:33 PM
  • Scoobum: We've eradicated the flu and influenza. Don't believe me? Slide down to the Ottawa heading...and read the fourth paragraph...[link]
    November 25 2020, 02:04:20 PM
  • Scoobum: I just spent the last 3.5 hours watching the Pennsylvania senate public hearings on election irregularities . Pretty much every voting law was broken, intimidation and experts on how easy it is to hack voting machines. I'll try and post a rerun of it. Senator Mastriano summed it up well. we can put a man on the moon but we can't run a fair election. We spend millions on setting up fair elections in Afghanistan and Iraq, but we can't do our own. Anyone that thinks this election is fair and transparent need to see this. If Biden somehow cheats his way through this he'll be President in name only. Let's hope this gets to Scotus and makes things right.
    November 25 2020, 04:19:40 PM
  • ULYCYC: Trump need more than Pennsylvania to pull it off.  I think he will get PA but he needs one more state to defailt the count. That will bring Biden under 270. Then the house can pick a winner
    November 25 2020, 05:58:11 PM
  • Scoobum: Pennsylvania was just the first state. I was shocked at the testimony/evidence today. The judges that tossed the lawsuits are Obama appointees. They never even looked at the evidence.
    November 25 2020, 06:07:32 PM
  • Scoobum: One lady that testified today was a Dem. She doesn't care who wins, just that the election is fair. Agreed.
    November 25 2020, 06:08:56 PM
  • Scoobum: Mastriano lost his mind today...and rightfully so...[link]
    November 25 2020, 06:51:45 PM
  • Scoobum: Judge orders halt in certification in Pennsylvania. No doubt, with all the fraud that was presented today...[link]
    November 25 2020, 08:14:13 PM
  • nocooler: Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
    November 26 2020, 11:18:10 AM
  • Steve Wood: Same to you all, Jeremy!  And to everyone else!!
    November 26 2020, 11:30:05 AM
  • Just a Six?: Happy Turkey Day neighbors to the South!
    November 26 2020, 08:15:11 PM
  • Scoobum: Dem Senators crying to Youtube...[link]
    November 27 2020, 09:07:00 AM
  • Scoobum: The REAL betrayal, good doctor, is lieing to the public about the scamdemic...[link]
    November 27 2020, 09:14:57 AM
  • Scoobum: Q was right. The REAL ballots are different than the fake ones...[link]
    November 27 2020, 09:38:08 AM
  • Scoobum: Coomer and Dominion voting machines are gone. I'm sure it's just coincidence...[link]
    Today at 08:20:44 AM

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