Author Topic: 87 GN won't start. Scanmaster not giving any reading  (Read 2642 times)

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87 GN won't start. Scanmaster not giving any reading
« on: June 29 2020, 09:49:20 PM »
I tried as I might to search this problem but didnt find anything. This year when I brought car out after the winter,it started then stalled. scan master displayed only dashes---------.I did do some searching online and someone said unhook the orange wire at the battery, remove the ECU and the chip to check connections. did that, put it back together and at 1st it was the same, i left it alone (discouraged) came back to it and turned key on and Scanmaster said 2.1 and it started. Seemed like maybe a connection was dirty and it was corrected. Now today I started the car to go for a little ride and got only up the rd and it stalled like I shut it off with the key.Now when I turn the key on it is back to just dashes from the Scanmaster, but now sometime it goes to display 2.1 then changes to dashes and still wont start.It just cranks over. I am not really sure where to go with this,now any help would be appreciated.


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