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Long Weekend Racing Results
« on: October 09 2017, 08:24:26 AM »
Rained at my place Saturday till 1 pm so I packed it in. Sunday the humidity increased to 75 percent compared to 33 from when I raced 3 weeks this time a steady 20 mph head wind gusting to 30 mph. As expected the car was overfueled on the first morning time trial with the higher humidity. Stumbled and wouldn't rev in high gear. Pulled a bunch of high rear fuel and went out on the 2nd  time trial and ran better but could see the high gear RPM's on the PL gauge panel struggling. Most of it was due to the strong headwind. Guys were saying their MPH was off as much a 3 MPH. Took some more fuel out of it for the 3rd time trial and got the 02's into the 770's and it pulled clean in high gear. Ran a 7.43 dial...but the headwind lessened...and the humidity dropped a tad waiting for Round 1. As expected I went too fast for the change in wind speed and humidity and went 7.29 at 98 and was gone in Round 1.
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Re: Long Weekend Racing Results
« Reply #1 on: October 09 2017, 09:38:47 AM »
One way to make a long week end short!
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Re: Long Weekend Racing Results
« Reply #2 on: October 09 2017, 02:42:40 PM »
If you're going to lose the best way is by going faster and not slower!  So, way to go! :cheers:

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