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« on: December 15 2010, 09:32:41 PM »
Although I still haven't been able to fix the CAPTCHA issue (The SPAM bots can get past it), due to a dramatic increase in membership requests, I have reopened general registration.

If you want to register, and have a nickname that isn't obviously Buick/Car related/etc, I may email to verify you are a real person. I had 5 spam signups minutes after I re-enabled registrations.   :jerkit;

If anyone is interested - I have ~2500 * email addresses available.

If you want one, email me with the requested address you would like, and also the email address you wold like the * email address to forward to.
My email:

I will never claim that our small community is anywhere near the tech archive or information source TBS is/was, but I will say we have some of the most loyal members anywhere.

As far as content, anything gos, within reason - enjoy, have fun, and please contact me if you need any help.

Mark S. 'SuperSix'
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