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Paint and Body / Re: Aluminum Bumper Shocks
« on: October 24 2020, 08:04:13 PM »
They fit perfect on this guys GN.

The older he gets, the less patience he has.

There's a guy on here that has a gazzilion vids on these cars. He left a link for his Youtube channel before for you. Maybe he has one on vacuum lines. I think he's in you could even call him...for free.

General Buick Tech / Re: Nocooler
« on: October 23 2020, 09:38:06 AM »
He's gonna slide under the car today and check the TC. That might be my next question. Thanks for the help.

General Buick Tech / Re: Nocooler
« on: October 22 2020, 08:52:40 PM »
Thanks so much.

General Buick Tech / Nocooler
« on: October 22 2020, 06:46:39 PM »
Jeremy, this is the latest I've been handed. M12 P Turbo with a .55 AR. Google tells me it came from a company called Honeywell...wh o was bought out by Garrett Motion. Using Garretts search function for that turbo gets me nowhere. I need to know the size to order a chip for it. I'll try E-Bay and see what comes up. Got my hands full deciphering this car.

I used CR43TS exclusively... but only from my friendly GM dealer. I raced pretty much every weekend spring to fall for 15-17 years. I had zero issues with them. Gapped them at a tight .030. They'll take you up to 25 PSI. You'll need a 42 from 26 PSI on up.

General Buick Tech / Re: 1985 Grand National will not start.
« on: October 21 2020, 07:58:05 AM »
From a personal standpoint, I'd have Eric burn a chip for exactly what you have. Changing head gaskets...suck s. Having a chip for exactly what you have and your goals eliminates fueling long as your fuel system is up to the task. Fueling is the number one thing guys don't pay attention too.

General Buick Tech / Re: 1985 Grand National will not start.
« on: October 20 2020, 06:49:06 PM »
Contact Eric...he'll have a file of that chip and can tell you exactly what it was burned for. The number he needs is 8460...send him that pic of it as well. Chip is for 28 pound injectors and 91 octane. You'll need to know from Eric what size turbo it was burned that's how he sets his fueling. If you have 28 pound injectors...yo u can plug that chip in and it'll work. No WOT shit tho...till you hear back from Eric. Throw the others in the garbage.

PL and SM will work with the 86-87 ECM...but double check with Eric.

General Buick Tech / Re: Injector Part Number
« on: October 20 2020, 12:53:57 AM »
Yeah, they're Delphi 50's. He's ordering a TT chip for them.

General Buick Tech / Injector Part Number
« on: October 19 2020, 11:38:46 AM »
I blew this up on WIN 10. I think these are 50 Delphi's going by Stan Weiss Injector Chart. I've asked him to clean the numbers and resend another pic.

IHADAV8 Playground / Re: Building A Garage
« on: October 19 2020, 11:34:49 AM »
Just insulating the ceiling. Wood stove is going in first. Takes very little heat to keep it at 70 degrees. Square footage is only 375.

$75.00 shipped for both here in Ontario.

IHADAV8 Playground / Re: Building A Garage
« on: October 18 2020, 08:46:47 PM »
Interior tour of the new shop.

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