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General Buick Tech / Re: IAC going down
« on: May 22 2020, 07:04:10 PM »
Had one of Steves on my car. Throttle response was kick ass!

IHADAV8 Playground / Re: Steve needs one of these
« on: May 22 2020, 07:03:06 PM »
Needs a turret and a whole shitload of gun racks on the inside...and a beer holder.

IHADAV8 Playground / Re: Brad needs this!
« on: May 15 2020, 06:02:56 PM »
Radar gun doesn't lie. I guess he could plead temporary insanity. He won't be driving until his next life time.

IHADAV8 Playground / Seems Fair
« on: May 15 2020, 10:58:43 AM »

IHADAV8 Playground / Re: Brad needs this!
« on: May 15 2020, 10:17:07 AM »
We don't have a Constitution.. .we have a Charter of Rights. What part of the Charter of Rights is it infringing upon.

IHADAV8 Playground / Re: Brad needs this!
« on: May 14 2020, 10:19:10 AM »
I've been cruising the 400 series of highways looking for a toy. I can't believe how people are driving. I'm in the slow lane doing 70 mph with the cruise set, and people are going by me like I'm standing still and weaving in and out of lanes. You have to have one eye glued to the rear view cuz they're coming up on you so fast. It's insane out there.

IHADAV8 Playground / Re: Brad needs this!
« on: May 13 2020, 02:58:49 PM »
Get nabbed for anything over 50 kilometers an hour and it's considered racing...don't even have to be racing anyone. Your vehicle is automatically impounded and towed away...and your license is suspended. And you can forget about ever being able to afford insurance again. I set the cruise in my trucks...and I get there when I get there.

IHADAV8 Playground / Re: Brad needs this!
« on: May 13 2020, 02:44:34 PM »
Burnouts...thi s goes back awhile. I had a 79 Monte Carlo...had the wheezebox 267. I yanked it and dropped a 327 in it. I found a quadrajet carb with the numbers showing it was off a 455 olds engine and I rebuilt it. Grabbed a 350 trans from the wreckers and installed a transgo shift kit in it. Used a stock 327 dual plane intake with black jack headers and the stock highway gears. This thing was something else at high speed...and dual plane made for wild burnouts. Not sure what I was thinking but I stopped on highway 28 in a small town just north of town where I live after dusk...and did a massive burnout. I let off the gas and look behind me and all I see is flashing lights. Got nailed 55 bucks fore unnecessary noise. Cop said it was the most impressive burnout he ever saw...LOL! Sold the car to a guy in town. He had it full out on Ontario street here in took it head first into a culvert and was killed on impact. Went to the wreckers hoping to buy the engine but it was pushed right into the drivers compartment. One of the cars I wish I never sold. Body was mint and was fully loaded and drove like a Caddy.

IHADAV8 Playground / Re: Brad needs this!
« on: May 13 2020, 01:36:59 PM »

Looking for a car is on hold. I went to one of the privately owned MTO's this morning...and it was jammed. The rest are all closed. Doubt I would of gotten in today had I have waited. The guy that owns the car said the one he found last week was to busy and he didn't want to wait to get the sellers package. I woulda had to go back again after I bought the car to do all the paper work.

Maybe this is divine intervention telling me to buy a roller and shove a pre 1973 engine in it to beat the MTO at their own game.

General Buick Tech / Re: Is Earl still making front covers?
« on: May 13 2020, 01:27:32 PM »
Those bolt kits are pure sex.

General Buick Tech / Re: Is Earl still making front covers?
« on: May 12 2020, 10:27:29 AM »

Tuning is easy. I can show anyone in 5 minutes with PL...they don't need me. If you tell Eric your exact combo and desired boost, and if you leave Julios alky kit on default, you can pound 23 lbs of boost through it no long as the fuel system is up to the task. Go into the alky section on the other board...Julio has a link up for his alky kit and takes you completely through it. He's dumbed it down so everyone can understand it. If you have 6.1 then make sure you the NB and WB sensors are mint and you've chosen thye correct WB sensor form the drop down box as I see Eric mentioning this a lot on the other board. I have vids on my channel how to adjust Erics 5.7 chip. Buy a cheapass thermometer/barometer and write down the temp/humidity for each pass. when I was bracket racing my car it would pick up 2.3 tenths on a 15% humidity drop...which means it leaned out. You HAVE to watch temp/humidity like a hawk. Humidity trumps temperature.

PS. Tell Eric you're gonna run 25 PSI...he'll add plenty of fuel in the chip.

General Buick Tech / Re: Is Earl still making front covers?
« on: May 11 2020, 04:04:06 PM »

It won't hold together any longer than a stock short block when it sees KR. Stock short blocks will hang all day into the bottoms 10's with zero KR. Bison has pounded several minutes of 9 second power through the stock short block in his blue car.

It all depends on one's ability to tune...and these ain't NA engines. The learning curve can be steep for forced induction engines. I beat the piss out of stock short blocks over the years. The difference is, I know how to tune.

IHADAV8 Playground / Re: Brad needs this!
« on: May 11 2020, 01:21:41 PM »
Jeremy, the MTO up here is a fukn nightmare to deal with. Getting it certified is one thing...but visual emissions is another. Each emission you tamper with is a $350 fine. Removing the EGR, $350 bucks, breathers in the rockers that's another $700 bucks, no cat convertor, that's another $350 bucks. Basically what they do when they pull you over is pull out the emissions book for that car and engine and start writing you up for non compliance for each emission tampered with. I got nailed twice on this with the IROC and a modded 1981 Cutlass I had a long time ago. That's another reason I'm going with the Vette. I don't need/want the hassle. I could get a C3, but most are modded and it would be nothing but a hassle with the MTO.

IHADAV8 Playground / Re: Brad needs this!
« on: May 11 2020, 12:38:30 PM »
Snow/rain here today and tomorrow. Car search is on hold.

General Buick Tech / Re: Is Earl still making front covers?
« on: May 11 2020, 11:55:05 AM »
Earl rarely posts on the other board which makes me think he's gone to FB. I'm sure he would do a cover for you. You may have to supply him with one tho.

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