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General Buick Tech / Re: Fuel Gauge Not Reading Correctly
« Last post by Hill1430 on Today at 01:18:50 PM »
I have double checked and I do have the correct one for an analog dash. I will follow your advice and check the dash and the resistance. Thank you both!
General Buick Tech / Re: Fuel Gauge Not Reading Correctly
« Last post by Steve Wood on Today at 09:48:00 AM »
I guess I would verify that you had the right fuel sender for your dash first.  If you have a digital dash, it uses a different resistance sender than the standard  sending unit which is 0-90 ohms.    I believe the digital dash was 120 ohms.

At one time racetronix sold a different resistor for the sending unit if you had a digital dash.  You had to remove the 0-90 "rheostat" and install the 0-120 as I recall.

If you have the standard unit and the standard analog dash, the trick was to pull the cluster and clean up the post on the back of the fuel gauge where the connector from the sending unit goes.  That often fixed the problem.

When the tank is full, you can disconnect the connector to the sending unit at the tank and read the resistance to see if it reads the correct resistance at the tank.  Should be either 90 or 120 depending upon the installed sender.  If it reads lower than whichever one is low, you can drop the tank, pull the sender and see what the resistance reads when you hold the float all the way up as in a full tank.

That is all that I can think of at the moment
General Buick Tech / Re: Fuel Gauge Not Reading Correctly
« Last post by xracerx13 on Today at 09:40:17 AM »
Did you get the right float. Theres 2 kinds. 1 for digital dash and 1 for analog dash?
Just askin :D
General Buick Tech / Fuel Gauge Not Reading Correctly
« Last post by Hill1430 on Today at 12:19:23 AM »
I have installed a Racetronix 255 LPH fuel pump and sending unit. When the tank is full it reads almost 3/4 full. Do I need to drop the tank and play with the float, or am I missing something?
IHADAV8 Playground / Re: US gasoline?
« Last post by nocooler on September 28 2023, 06:52:08 PM »
I run e10 in all my lawn equipment. The key is you canít let it sit in the bowl of the carbs or anywhere air can get to it. Put a manual fuel shutoff valve on the feed and use that to shut down the equipment if itís going to set for long periods of time. If the tank doesnít seal youíll have issues with the e10.
If it sets for more than a year then I might have to drain the tank and put some fresh in.
IHADAV8 Playground / Re: US gasoline?
« Last post by Forzfed on September 28 2023, 04:42:28 PM »
I always used ethanol free gas in my lawnmower and try to run it empty or put some stabilizer in it.  Last winter my neighor's snowblower wouldn't run and of course there was lots of snow and all the shops were backed up for a month.  So, I ended up pulling the carb off and cleaning it.  You could smell how stale the old gas was.  He was using E10 87 octane.  I told him from now on don't use it.  Then this summer my new neighbor's lawnmower wouldn't run.  Same thing bad gas that gummed everything up.  I could keep it running by using my hand as a choke, as soon as I removed my hand it would die.  I told them I would show them how to clean the carb but they paid someone to do it.
IHADAV8 Playground / Re: US gasoline?
« Last post by Steve Wood on September 26 2023, 09:26:57 AM »
Down here, marina gas is quite expensive compared to ethanol.  I saw a private brand gas station in San Angelo that had a sign advertising an ethanol free gas pump.  I meant to stop in and check it out but forgot on my way home and now I need gas which is .30 cents higher here than in Angelo.  I hate pumping gas these days.

I have learned to use ethanol free gas for my chainsaw, etc. tools that have oil in the gas.  I saw a sign advertising VP 50-1 mix the other day that had 5 gallons jugs and the price was $120.  I then realized that by the quart or gallon it was a heckuva lot more expensive.  The cheap off brand is like $36 per gallon.
IHADAV8 Playground / Re: US gasoline?
« Last post by 1KWIKSIX on September 25 2023, 03:40:18 PM »
If Iím not mistaken , marina gas is still ethanol free 🤷‍♂️
Donít mind some ethanol in my premium gas while Iím driving the car in the spring / summer, however have always run a tank of Shell 91 V plus (which was ethanol free) but is no longer . Would fill up the tank with this ethanol free gas for winter storeage .
Gonna be checking out Marina gas very shortly
IHADAV8 Playground / Re: US gasoline?
« Last post by Steve Wood on September 24 2023, 11:53:32 PM »
Ethanol was a boon thrown to the midwestern corn producers and the big plants that processed it.  The subsidies that were thrown their way could have gone a long way toward cleaning up the refinery industry and making us permanently self sufficient.  Canada and the U.S.  have far more in reserves than any projected demand estimate for many years.

Instead, we need to have a suicide wish to put all our future in the hands of people that are not, and have never been, our friends.
IHADAV8 Playground / Re: A New Best Milage with the BabyMax
« Last post by Forzfed on September 24 2023, 06:44:06 PM »
I was in Alberta last long weekend and diesel was way cheaper there.  So, I filled it to the brim.  I could see it on the first bend of the filler neck.  I set the cruise at 70mph and I had to laugh when I pulled into Saskatoon because my fuel gauge was still on full.  My milage indicated 6.2 but when I filled it to the same point I got over 46 mpg imperial or 37 usmpg. 
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