Author Topic: Hard to start after obd1 scan  (Read 105 times)

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Hard to start after obd1 scan
« on: April 23 2020, 08:29:02 PM »
Hello Everyone:
first post tonight!
Just bought my 3rd turbo Buick (‘87 base model T-type).  Car needs a lot of work, mostly suspension, interior, and engine wiring.
Car has a SES light on.  Bought an OBD1 and connected to find error code 23 (IAT temp low) issue.  After unplugging OBD1 car won’t start unless I put pedal to floor, then it idles real rough, but get a bit better over time.  I replaced spark plugs as old plugs smelled of gas.
Any thoughts?

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Re: Hard to start after obd1 scan
« Reply #1 on: April 24 2020, 12:08:29 AM »
I don't know if you may have zapped something with the scan tool, or not.  I guess it is possible.

First thing I would do, however, is to pull the connector off the iat sensor.  then I would unplug the orange memory wire by the connector for a few seconds and replug it.  then restart the car and see if it runs better.  I have never tried that so I am not sure what happens when you unplug the sensor.  If you still have another car, swap the sensors.

Normally that sensor does very little, but if it goes bad and shows a low temperature, then the car will get way too much fuel and flood
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