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NHL For Free In HD
« on: January 10 2020, 08:49:23 AM »

I ditched my cable TV years ago as there was nothing worth watching anymore. Spring to fall I literally watch no TV at all, as I'm always outside. For those of you maybe wanting to do the same thing, but are NHL fans, you can get the games on Reddit in HD for free...with the commercials blacked out. I went out and got a refurbed HP tower computer for 89 bucks and a Samsung HD 32 inch TV and hooked 'er up. Picture is crystal clear for the internet and the hockey games with everything hooked up in HDMI. I use a Y-connector off the speaker jack into a vintage Pioneer SX 780 receiver and a vintage Pyramid graphic EQ and out through a pair of vintage Realistic T-100s updated with Dayton 8 inch subs. Crank 'er up!
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Re: NHL For Free In HD
« Reply #1 on: January 10 2020, 10:21:24 AM »
cable/satellite is just about obsolete.  Most of the stuff I watch is either on Motortrend TV or Youtube tv
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