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Re: Turbo Tweak GN ECU
« Reply #105 on: August 06 2018, 06:54:19 PM »

Tyler...rememb er the talk we had on how Erics a genius...but understands most aren't.

Interesting thread. Amazing people are still coming out with Buick stuff with such a limited market. Me...?? I am still a die hard chip guy  :rock: .  Russ did a motor for a customer in Austraila. Eric did a chip for it an we ran the motor at the drags . Out of the box no "tuning" it ran a 9.95. Left it alone an shipped it to him. Had to keep it simple. He wanted to get in the car turn on the key an go. Hey thats what I do to  :cool; Like Brad said lots of people should just keep it simple an stupid !!  Oh Russ just did a Fast system in the Mazda to try a few things.Of course I am keeping my old set up if I don't like it. BUT I figure Ill only have the car a few more years before I piece it out and move on.

  Now a little cheap advice . I like simple an stupid . You guys start goin faster an faster (it's a disease!!) everything better be up to snuff. Stuff IS goin to break !! It's only a matter of time. My cheap advice run high 10s an leave it alone !!! Do as I say NOT as I do  :rofl:
  Enjoy all the new technology !!! See ya in BG  :cool;
Something is wrong when Mike has more boost than you!  I'll give you more boost as soon as I see some pics of that AC Cobra! :D

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Re: Turbo Tweak GN ECU
« Reply #106 on: August 27 2018, 11:35:09 PM »
If you're not subscribed to Eric's youtube channel, you should be!  Here's the link:

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