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« on: November 10 2017, 05:48:30 AM »

We at RPS took note of the responses in the polls that I posted, and we gave careful thought to what we want to offer for our Black Friday Specials.

These specials will actually start Friday, November 10th and run until Friday November 24th, so you have two weeks to purchase these parts.

Being as this is our first ever Black Friday sale, we contacted some of the manufacturers that we deal with, and they gave us a one-time-only special discount so that we could offer you fine folks of [color=rgb(189, 189, 189) !important][/color] some really incredible discounts on products.

So, without further delay, here is what we are offering for our Black Friday Specials, prices do not include freight or tax:

1) RPS forged crankshaft in 3.400" or 3.625" stroke, narrow journal, off center, and it includes a neutral balance flexplate for $695. This is the same crank used in Arizona GN (Nick Micale) motors that Zimmerman builds. It is very similar to the crankshaft that Cruz Performance sells. The price of $695 includes the neutral balance flexplate. We are sorry, but in order to get this pricing we could not order it without the flexplate, so this deal cannot have the flexplate removed from the order. Again, Price is $695 which includes the flexplate as well.

2) Billet 4340 steel #2 and #3 main caps. $140.

3) SCAT Forged 4340 steel crank in either 3.400" or 3.625" stroke, narrow journal, off center. Price is $560.

4) SCAT stock stroke rotating assembly with JE pistons and a 5.970" rod length. Pistons come in .010, .020, .030, and .040 bore sizes. Pricing does include piston rings. We are also going to let anyone who purchases a rotating assembly and wants to add on our billet main caps (Item #2) to the order, they can purchase the billet caps for only $125 addtional. Price is $1,616. Add $125 if you want to add #2 and #3 billet main caps.
***We are trying to obtain stroker forged rotating assemblies to offer as well, but we do not have anything confirmed yet. Once we do, we will update the thread if we are able to obtain excellent pricing on a forged stroker rotating assembly. Again, Price is $1,616. To add billet main caps is $125 additional.

5) SCAT FORGED BALANCED stock stroke rotating assembly. This means that SCAT actually balances your rotating assembly for you to within +/- 2 grams, I believe. They internally balance the rotating assembly (obviously). This means that when you receive this rotating assembly, all you need is a neutral balance flexplate and balancer, and you can drop this rotating assembly in your motor! This kit saves you from having to take your assembly to a machine shop and pay their costs to balance your rotating assembly, and wait the month or two wait period for them to get around to working on your parts. With this kit all of those problems are solved! SCAT balances your rotating assembly for you, so for those DIY racers, or even the local neighborhood GN mechanic who builds motors in his spare time for some extra income- this assembly arrives ready to drop in the motor, and saves you tons of extra time because now you don't have to bring your parts to the machine shop and wait for them to get around to balancing your parts, which could be weeks or months, depending on how busy your shop is! This balanced assembly comes with forged JE pistons and rings, just like the unbalanced assembly. It is a stock 3.400" stroke with a 5.970" rod, off center, narrow journal. The pistons come in .010, .020, .030, and .040 bore sizes.We are also going to let anyone who purchases a rotating assembly and wants to add on our billet main caps (Item #2) to the order, they can purchase the billet caps for only $125 addtional. The cost for the balanced rotating assembly is $1,866. Add $125 if you want to add #2 and #3 billet main caps.

These prices will stop being valid at 11:59PM PST on November 24th, so if you are looking to capitalize on one of these incredible deals, make sure you contact us beforehand!

If you have any questions about any of these products, or may require some assistance in selecting the product that is right for you, please give me a call at 707 362 6030. I live in California, so my time zone is PST, for those worried about calling too late. If you would prefer to email any questions, my email is [color=rgb(189, 189, 189) !important][/color]

If you wish to purchase one of these specials, please call or email me for payment details. Products will ship at the end of the Black Friday sale, so please keep that in mind. If you do wish to have expedited shipping and have your goods shipped prior to the end of the sale, arrangements can be made. Please call me to discuss specific details.

We at RPS hope you like our Black Friday specials and look forward to helping our customers get the best parts for the best prices!

[color=rgb(189, 189, 189) !important][/color]
Cell phone : 707 362 6030
Email: [color=rgb(189, 189, 189) !important][/color]

On a somewhat related note..

We are also looking into providing pre-fabbed fuel line kits that will require no assembly and will be ready to install when you receive them. We are looking to use black nylon braided fuel line that is E-85 compatible with all black hose ends. Most likely it will be a -8 feed line with a -6 return line, and use a Weldon Racing stainless fuel filter for increased filtration and superior filter media surface area than what is currently offered on Buick fuel line kits right now. Stay tuned for these fuel line kits, they will hopefully be available shortly..

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