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General Buick Tech / Re: Power Master Motor
« on: November 10 2013, 08:11:21 AM »
So Earl, if my accumulator was supposed to do what it should it would be able to hold more fluid/pressure. Then when I hit the brakes it should assist with braking a few times until pressure is lost then the motor would kick in?

This sucks because I bought the accumulator new (off EBAY I think) and it only has 3000 miles on it. I drove it around yesterday and it feels fine but I feel the pedal click when the pump stops at least one to two applications.

General Buick Tech / Power Master Motor
« on: November 08 2013, 12:20:58 PM »
My brake light came on while I was driving and about 5 minutes later I got the dreaded hard pedal. My car has 80,000 miles. When I got home I was able to take a look. The 30amp fuse blew so I replaced it and turned the key. The motor ran for about 17 seconds and I sat there for 15 minutes and the motor never ran after that, so I assumed no internal leaks. I then applied the brakes 3 times and the light came on and the fuse was blown. My motor was most likely trashed from running non stop (I assume). I had a spare motor (from 42,000 mile car) and a new pressure sensor on hand. My accumulator is new (6ys) with only 3000 miles on it.

I installed the used motor and it ran and sounded fine. It does run on every 1 to 2 brake applications. Before it (old motor) would run every 2-3. I then replaced the pressure switch and the same senario. The motor runs 4-6 seconds per cycle.

Does this sound like my accumulator ball is not doing what it should?

General Buick Tech / Re: Learn From My Stupidity
« on: July 07 2013, 09:49:36 AM »
Glad you didn't blow a head gasket.

General Buick Tech / BL Number
« on: May 07 2013, 03:09:22 PM »
I got around to replacing my old "stock style" MAF with a new 3.5 & MAF Translator. Before my hot idle BL # was 123-25 now with the new MAF it is 135 with all other Scan Master # the same (AF 5-6). I know the BL is +/-10 but I was wondering why the difference. More air flow?? I only have put on about 60 miles with it.

I also just got my new tranny and 9-11 converter and it is a huge difference. At first I smelled something bad....then I realized I pooped my pants :icon_lol:

General Buick Tech / Re: Anti Freeze leak
« on: January 06 2013, 08:27:03 AM »
I drove the Buick around yesterday (about 40 miles) and it was still wet at the end of the bolt. So I drove up to the Chevy dealer and pick up some seal tabs. I popped in two of them and drove around for another 20 minutes. It was about 40 degrees outside and my coolant temp was 160-170.

Earl, how long does it take to seal? I hope it fixes this slow weep.

General Buick Tech / Re: Anti Freeze leak
« on: December 24 2012, 10:57:12 AM »
OK, that makes me feel better. The long bolt I am using is stainless and I put a fair amount of sealant on the end. I will let it set/dry/whatever for a day or so until I fill it back up with coolant.

General Buick Tech / Re: Anti Freeze leak
« on: December 23 2012, 05:35:15 PM »
I finally was able to pull the bolt today and reseal it. I think I may have torque it to the wrong specs. The timing chain cover to block torque is 22 ft lbs.  this long bolt goes through the water pump and the timing cover so I did it to 22 ft lbs. But then I see the water pump to cover is like half that. Maybe the bolt wasn't the problem maybe I over tightened the bolt and damaged the water pump gasket and that is what was leaking. Although it did not leak for the first 250 miles, it started to leak when my water temp got to 210 ( I was looking for a small drip so I let the temp climb to create more pressure).

What should the torque be for this bolt?

General Buick Tech / Anti Freeze leak
« on: November 26 2012, 12:41:36 PM »
My new motor is leaking anti freeze. I have about 350 miles on it and no leaks but then I notice some coolant on my intercooler bracket. I have a CAS V4 SLIC and it uses a stud hooked to the bolt for the timing cover (right above the oil pan) and also the long bolt that goes thru the water pump into the block. The long bolt for the water pump is leaking at the end. I did put liquid paste on it when I put it together and didn't fill it with coolant for at least a week. Now it is weeping. I tightened it a 1/4 turn but no luck.

Is this allowing coolant to flow into my timing cover?? :O

General Buick Tech / Re: Radiator Temps Too Cool?
« on: November 06 2012, 07:11:43 AM »
You're right, if it aint knocking with the boost I have now I will leave it alone. Mother Nature will raise the boost for me with the cold air that is coming.

General Buick Tech / Re: Radiator Temps Too Cool?
« on: November 05 2012, 12:19:18 PM »
160 degs should be warm up to properly expand the pistons for good ring life.  I think it takes some longer distance driving to clear the water out of the oil so more frequent changes are advised.  Ten minutes of driving is not so good.

Which thermostat are you using?  Some of these no name thermostats from the vendors seem to be very erratic from comments this year.  I installed two recently.  I notice that one of them usually does not open until 185 degs and then it drops back to 155 and then tends to level out better but I am thinking of changing it again.

Phil found that Autozone sells a Duralast 3846 thermostat that fits at is the 160 deg version.  I am going that way next time.  It seems to be working over a much more narrow range as a good thermostat should.

If you are going to drive the car up there in cold weather, then I would put a 180 deg unit in just to have a warmer heater.   You guys seldom have prolonged hot weather by our definition down here so unless you are pushing the boost to the edge of detonation routinely, I don't see a problem with a 180 for a street car.

Eric's chip turns the fan on at 168 so the fan will tend to run all the time in the winter when it does not need to, but, I suspect most cars run at least that hot anyway no matter what the thermostat so that is probably not a matter of concern.

BTW, how is your car running after the work?

I believe I bought the T stat from Kirbans a few yrs back, not many miles on it (3000). When I put in the new engine I also got rid of the original radiator and used a new aluminum one. In the summer it was at 165-170 but I have only about 270 miles on the engine. I wonder if I partially block the air flow for the radiator if that could raise the temps?? Only in the winter of course.
With my new setup the car seems to run fine. When I go WOT (only for 3-5 seconds so far) it hits about 22 lbs of boost and my scanmaster only (if any) shows 1 or less on KR, and my O2 at 780 ish,this is with my ALKY. My TPS/ IAC and BL (123-125) seem to be inline but the engine seems to shake at an idle more that the stock motor did, maybe the bigger cam or vacuum leak. I would like to get my boost down but the rod is about an 1/8 inch of tension and my RJC boost controller (lines set tuner style) is almost all the way out. I guess if the heads were not ported it would be much higher.
My oil pressure is high even when warmed up (30 at a hot idle) with the 20-50 Valvoline racing oil so maybe I should use 10-30 with this cold weather. :chin:

General Buick Tech / Radiator Temps Too Cool?
« on: November 04 2012, 08:57:46 AM »
When I am driving around with air temps 55 or lower my coolant temp bounces around at 154-165. I have a 160 T stat and Eric's chip (fan set to come on at 165), is this bad? I mean will my car be able to burn off the moisture in the oil/crankcase and get the oil up to a sufficient temperature :102:

General Buick Tech / Re: Pics of the culprit
« on: October 09 2012, 12:47:04 PM »
WOW...that's worn. Where's all the missing pieces?

General Buick Tech / Re: 93 & E85 mix
« on: October 04 2012, 03:22:37 PM »
I am not going to do the mix, I have my ALKY kit. But I've read alot of people are mixing and was curious if it helps.

General Buick Tech / 93 & E85 mix
« on: October 02 2012, 12:33:11 PM »
Does 93 & some E85 mixed in help. I mean if someones car can run 16lbs on 93 and has no knock will some E85 mixed in allow you to run more boost? Just curious.

General Buick Tech / Engine Shakin
« on: September 12 2012, 08:07:24 AM »
I notice my new engine shakes more than the stock one. I have a factory short block with a 212/212 roller and ported heads. My Scanmaster #'s at hot idle are TPS-.42/ IAC-23/ BL-125 and oil pressure is 37. It seems to idle fairly steady but it shakes in the mounts more than the original motor. New stock motor mounts (had them with the old engine) Is this because the cam is bigger??

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