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General Buick Tech / Power Master Motor
« on: November 08 2013, 12:20:58 PM »
My brake light came on while I was driving and about 5 minutes later I got the dreaded hard pedal. My car has 80,000 miles. When I got home I was able to take a look. The 30amp fuse blew so I replaced it and turned the key. The motor ran for about 17 seconds and I sat there for 15 minutes and the motor never ran after that, so I assumed no internal leaks. I then applied the brakes 3 times and the light came on and the fuse was blown. My motor was most likely trashed from running non stop (I assume). I had a spare motor (from 42,000 mile car) and a new pressure sensor on hand. My accumulator is new (6ys) with only 3000 miles on it.

I installed the used motor and it ran and sounded fine. It does run on every 1 to 2 brake applications. Before it (old motor) would run every 2-3. I then replaced the pressure switch and the same senario. The motor runs 4-6 seconds per cycle.

Does this sound like my accumulator ball is not doing what it should?

General Buick Tech / BL Number
« on: May 07 2013, 03:09:22 PM »
I got around to replacing my old "stock style" MAF with a new 3.5 & MAF Translator. Before my hot idle BL # was 123-25 now with the new MAF it is 135 with all other Scan Master # the same (AF 5-6). I know the BL is +/-10 but I was wondering why the difference. More air flow?? I only have put on about 60 miles with it.

I also just got my new tranny and 9-11 converter and it is a huge difference. At first I smelled something bad....then I realized I pooped my pants :icon_lol:

General Buick Tech / Anti Freeze leak
« on: November 26 2012, 12:41:36 PM »
My new motor is leaking anti freeze. I have about 350 miles on it and no leaks but then I notice some coolant on my intercooler bracket. I have a CAS V4 SLIC and it uses a stud hooked to the bolt for the timing cover (right above the oil pan) and also the long bolt that goes thru the water pump into the block. The long bolt for the water pump is leaking at the end. I did put liquid paste on it when I put it together and didn't fill it with coolant for at least a week. Now it is weeping. I tightened it a 1/4 turn but no luck.

Is this allowing coolant to flow into my timing cover?? :O

General Buick Tech / Radiator Temps Too Cool?
« on: November 04 2012, 08:57:46 AM »
When I am driving around with air temps 55 or lower my coolant temp bounces around at 154-165. I have a 160 T stat and Eric's chip (fan set to come on at 165), is this bad? I mean will my car be able to burn off the moisture in the oil/crankcase and get the oil up to a sufficient temperature :102:

General Buick Tech / 93 & E85 mix
« on: October 02 2012, 12:33:11 PM »
Does 93 & some E85 mixed in help. I mean if someones car can run 16lbs on 93 and has no knock will some E85 mixed in allow you to run more boost? Just curious.

General Buick Tech / Engine Shakin
« on: September 12 2012, 08:07:24 AM »
I notice my new engine shakes more than the stock one. I have a factory short block with a 212/212 roller and ported heads. My Scanmaster #'s at hot idle are TPS-.42/ IAC-23/ BL-125 and oil pressure is 37. It seems to idle fairly steady but it shakes in the mounts more than the original motor. New stock motor mounts (had them with the old engine) Is this because the cam is bigger??

General Buick Tech / Difference between the two?
« on: August 31 2012, 01:03:33 PM »
I already put about 70 miles on my new setup but I was waiting for my upgraded chip from Eric (TT), my last chip was for ALKY and a stock turbo and motor. Now I have the bigger cam, ported heads and the 6262.

My question is what kinda of difference will be made going from 22 lbs with the stocker to 22 lbs with the new setup? I have my Scanmaster #'s within the norm (TPS .44/ IAC 28/ BL 125/ AF 6-7). I went WOT in 3rd for 2-3 seconds with the old chip and boost seemed to be at 22 lbs but I let off realizing this is not good with the wrong chip, no knock at 780. I will slowly be tuning this weekend hopefully if the weather is nice. I'm not sure if I can get the boost down lower but if it doesn't show KR and my #'s look good I guess I'm fine.

I will be getting the new trans & converter next so I just will be spooling slow until then.

General Buick Tech / Blue Loctite
« on: August 27 2012, 01:50:06 PM »
My newly purchased "Turbo Saver" is leaking oil at the fitting that screws into the adapter on the engine (not the black hose to the fitting). I only have about 20 miles on it. I first tried to tighten it some more and it was very hard to turn, I thought it felt like it stripped. So I took it off the car (PITA, oil dripping all down my arm and a bitch to get to the hose end up on the core support). I cleaned off all their white goop and did not see any fragments of threads. It only turns in about 2-3 turns then gets hard to turn, I am assuming its pipe thread. I called Precision and I wanted to send it back and have them send me another. But the Tech says " I have never seen them strip before and I should not use liquid Teflon" He said to use blue loctite.

Has anyone use this for sealing? He claims this will fix my issue. I don't want to put it on, have it leak and have to take it off again.
In the picture it is the 4 o'clock end not the 10 o'clock (Tapered) end. Thanks for your help :icon_smile:

General Buick Tech / fuel pressure regulator
« on: July 24 2012, 10:16:42 AM »
My regulator is old but seems to be working fine. But if the diaphragm is bad/ torn where do you buy a new one (just the diaphragm). I believe I purchased it from Kirban's (maybe). It looks like this one

General Buick Tech / Old Gas
« on: July 13 2012, 12:27:04 PM »
My car sat for a year or so and I am in the process of fireing up the new engine. I will drain out the gas and fill with fresh 93. My injectors are new (3000 miles/ about 4 yrs old). Should I run a little seafoam in the gas??

General Buick Tech / Painting Alternator
« on: July 09 2012, 10:11:20 AM »
Has anyone painted their alternator? Mine works fine but is pretty dirty even after trying to clean it. How hard is it to split the case and is stuff going to fall out? I have dropped in the new engine and it would look nice with a clean alt.

General Buick Tech / Best spot to tap for boost gauge?
« on: July 02 2012, 03:16:15 PM »
What is the best place to tap for my boost gauge? I have ALKY and right now the line from the dog house (the port next to the PCV line) is tee'd, one goes to inside of the car and the other goes to the MAP sensor. I always worry if the T fitting would leak or break that could spell disaster. How do you all have it??Thanks

General Buick Tech / Fuel line question
« on: June 08 2012, 11:27:02 AM »
I am putting in my new engine (well, spare low mileage stock block with roller cam & ported 8445's). I have replaced my fuel pump with a racetronix pump last year and I already had a hot wire kit.

I do notice that my vent line (the one from the black canister to the tank) is clogged. When I would drive the car around and then un capped the gas cap, tons of air/pressure escapes. I tried to use some compressed air in the end of the line by the canister and also at the other end when I replaced the pump, but it does not flow. Is this common? The car drove fine but I want to make sure it is safe.

Any ideas on how to cure this??

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