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LED headlights
« on: May 13 2022, 07:24:53 AM »
Just a note for those of you looking to upgrade your stock, old headlights.  This isn't an ad.  I just did this and really recommend it.  I did some research on YouTube before I got the Philips LED-HL lights. They weren't "the best" but they were highly rated and cheaper than "the best."  H4656LED for low beams, H4651LED for high beams.  They are plug and play and make a huge difference.  Not cheap, but less than many other options.  I got them from Amazon, and chose the sellers selling for less option for three of them.  One I had to buy at full price, because I bought up the cheap ones.  Full price was $124.35 each. Maybe there will be more offered for less soon.  The ones selling for less were perfectly good.  In one case the box was damaged, in the other two cases the sellers didn't want them, no reason given. We have Amazon Prime, so no shipping.  The cheaper ones were as low as $78 each. Easy installation, no extra wiring or trimming of plugs or anything .  They fit right into the headlight buckets and they throw a normal pattern, i.e., they are not "projectors" that just throw light in big circles.  The difference in light output is amazing.  I just had to recommend these lights.

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Re: LED headlights
« Reply #1 on: May 13 2022, 09:51:03 AM »
I have been looking at legit leds and these are not as powerful as some of the really high end versions, but they have a great beam pattern and are a heckuva lot better than any prior options.  I suspect the pricing will improve a bit, but if you want something that works, these are great.

Holley has introduced a variety of sizes (I have been mainly looking at 7" rounds for my Miata that are even  better than the current leds that are currently in it) that were produced by Morimoto and also use Phillip leds.  They are about $180 each on Amazon and come in low/high combos only so you can run all four in either mode.  Beam pattern is great.  They are not as powerful as those in the Morimoto reflectors but they are really powerful and also maintain a good beam pattern which is everything when it comes to getting usable light on the road without blinding people.  The Holleys come in two color temps.  3000k for those that want the ol school color and 5700k for the modern shade of white.

I had not seen the Phillips units and I am glad to see the price is a bit lower.  If you want to see deer on the road, or a cow, or whatever...not hing beats lights altho younger eyes also helps LOL
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Re: LED headlights
« Reply #2 on: May 31 2022, 05:14:56 PM »
I'll buy the lows first. Thank you for sharing this


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