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  <blockquote>There are many members giving some great ideas of having the Scanmaster LED color replaced to Scanmaster relocation. Beside the usually position above the radio podium, or between the radio podium and the speed Dashboard, I relocated the Scanmaster above the rear view mirror. No more looking down to see the numbers having your eyes off the road, now you can see who's behind you, as well as seeing in front view while driving. </blockquote>

$1987 GN$:
Nice JOB !


Nice- a split collar and a split bushing to get to the right size?


--- Quote from: daveismissing on November 21 2012, 06:27:26 PM ---Nice- a split collar and a split bushing to get to the right size?

--- End quote ---

The flat metal is from Home Depot in the lumber dept., the diameter of the mirror shaft is 3/4" so you need a 3/4 Shaft Collar Double Split in Black, Small 3 pin terminal lead wire harness - Jack and Plug Wire & Socket, 2 small sheet metal screw to replace the 2 small existing machine screw since the existing screw are too short to be assemble with the flat bracket, soldering iron, and shrinking tubing. I almost forgot the 10' 3 conductor wire was purchased in Home Depot for $3.00. On one of the picture you will see there is an offset on the end of the flat bracket, and also I grind down the split collar on both side and drill/tap 1/4x20 cap screw. I know these parts are available by home, but I found them to be pricey, so I got most of them through EBay; the only drawback is the shipping waiting game.

Nice, I put mine in the same location! super easy to watch.


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