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General Auto Tech / The Green Mile went Home
« on: November 10 2023, 10:01:46 AM »
My son drove it home Tuesday. It was running good and we had driven it a 100 miles round trip to San Angelo prior.

The 2500 rpm converter is more like 1700 rpm which means it is fighting against the engine at idle. Engine needs to be around 850-900 in gear which translates to about 1050-1100 in Park. The tight converter kills the vacuum and it has a little cough when the pedal is mashed from a stop. After all the hassle we had before we found the flex plate was out of spec, neither one of us wanted to drop the tranny for about the fifth time. That thing made me old.

It ran good til he was half way home. That was about 75 miles after a gas stop.  It got worse and worse until it stopped running about 15 miles from his home.

No fuel in the front bowl and not much in the rear. He has had no time to look at due to the end of daylight savings time. I am guessing brust in the tank but it might have been bad gas at the last stop, or the new fuel pump started going out.  We shall see.  I was afraid it was my HEI ignition system that had angered the Mopar gods but the further he drove, the less it seemed like ignition and the more it was the fuel side.

It gets a lot of attention when going down the road. That's for sure. :rock:  I'll link a video in a little bit.

General Buick Tech / Park Neutral linkage grommet bushing
« on: October 12 2023, 11:18:32 AM »
I have found it is a good idea to replace these on the lever that sticks out of the lower steering column where the rod from the transmission connects.  They wear out and get loose and then fall out with age.  Makes it hard to get the back up lights in sync with the shifter when it is in reverse.

NOTE:  It does not matter if your car is floor shifter or a column shifter, this bushing is still in use every time you move the shifter and it can make it hard to put the shifter into park as it can bind the linkage if missing or out of adjustment as well as get the back up lights to come on at the right time.

Shifter Linkage Bushing Grommet Chevy Olds Buick Pontiac For 1394293 22503153

I bought one recently for the T Type off EBay

Seller named Pick Our NOS or pickournos

IHADAV8 Playground / Happy Birthday, David!
« on: January 16 2023, 10:16:33 AM »
Darn, my friend, these things are adding up!  So far, I am thinking that is a good thing!

Hope you are feeling good and making the best of it!  Eat a lot of cake and be sure to drink enough to be Happy! :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:

General Auto Tech / Jeremy, Mike. This Alien started with a HF tig welder
« on: December 21 2022, 02:19:29 PM »
How do you do this at his age? Gotta be from another dimension!

IHADAV8 Playground / My Buick Dream Car
« on: December 16 2022, 10:04:32 AM »
This closely resembles my current state of the art abilities.  Nice street LSX swap out of Toronto, I believe.  Could not find the youtube for this one

But here is another one that is not quite as entertaining but says more about the car.   I suspect some of you all know this car.

IHADAV8 Playground / Happy Birthday, Joe!
« on: November 25 2022, 09:22:32 AM »
Glad you etched another milestone....   :atbeer: :cheers: :atbeer:

IHADAV8 Playground / Motorhead Mike!
« on: November 21 2022, 04:18:18 PM »
Goats bring a lot of money down here these days...due to the ethnic market I assume, but a decent  60 lb kid meat goat can bring over 300$ down here during peak market conditions although 200 is more common..  Unfortunately, they are a pain in the neck because they always want to find out what is on the other side of the fence and they are always jumping over, climbing under, or making their own opening in the fence.  The meat is very good and the milk from a milk goat is very good and makes great chocolate milk if one wants to have to milk them LOL  I have about half goats and half hair sheep and the hair sheep don't tend to have the wanderlust of goats and being hair sheep, they don't need to be sheared.  They don't need to be treated for stomach parasites frequently like goats do in a wet climate.  They sell for less but are easier to contain and they love shorter weeds like wool sheep.  I think the meat tastes very good...seems a little "sweeter" than the convention wool sheep.

I am not very conservative compared  to most in my area.  I don't care about color, gender preference, religion, on religion, and so on, but like, most old people, I fear the degradation of society and the unwillingness of the young to work.  They tend to espouse the welfare society.

The government seems to want us all to congregate to the urban areas and leave the countryside to the rich.  Probably something to do with methane emissions, or maybe it is easier to control cities.

If the economy continues to crash, those in the country are far better enabled to take care of themselves with a bit of foresight.  One needs a supply of water, a garden, chickens, sheep, or goats, a pig or two and the willingness to work...organiz ation really helps.  I think like minded people will barter goods and services and help one another out.

Of course, one and those other like minded people need to be prepared to defend what they have.  The welfare minded may be spilling out of the cities looking for free stuff and it's probably a good idea not to advertise what you have.

Preparation, while we have time, is everything.

IHADAV8 Playground / Reply to Ed's comments in the Shout Box
« on: November 20 2022, 09:47:34 AM »
I am having problems with the Shout Box.  Forgot what I did to fix it a few weeks ago LOL

Yep, lost me there.  If industry controlled government, industry would not have largely moved overseas to take advantage of cheaper industry and cheaper taxation with reduced environmental controls.    Speaking of the US in particular.  Government is by far the largest employer in the US.  Walmart is the largest private employer but it is dwarfed by the federal government and who knows what the total state governments and local governments total.

  It would be far more correct to say government is run by Labor than by industry.

  Echoing, Ed, there will be no change until government service on the elected level is limited by term limits, laws that prohibit private money from purchasing government loyalty,  and strict laws enforced against investment in private industry while in office.

The Right is just as corrupt as the Left and has not changed a damn thing while in office.  All these links to the "Facts" as presented from some idiot with a Rightist viewpoint are not more factual than any Leftist source.  They are all trying to find celebrity and wealth amongst the competition as well as power.  Ignorance is rampant on all sides but that has never stopped anyone from seeking power. 

Let's face it, believing Ford's ascent to the presidency has anything to do with Kamala Harris is an example of how poorly the American electorate is equipped to participate in the election of it's leaders.  Education derived from the news media has to be some kind of oxymoron.  Anyone who forms opinions from YouTube, Tic Tok, Trump Media, the BBC, NPR, or the seemingly majority of institutions of learning should not be allowed to vote as ignorance emanates from such.

At the age of 250, America is pretty much dead and the Communist world has not had to drop a bomb on it.  We have marched to defeat on our own two feet.

My Miata is back home and it about 25% the size of the Green Mile! Heck, look at the go kart sitting in the back.  It appears bigger than the Miata! 

Taylor Wood spent several days trying to ignore me while I directed him as to how to hot wire the HEI ignition and electric fans using the Mopar wiring that remained after lopping off most of the Mopar wires. I apologize to the purist Mopar guys out there that are rolling over in shock but it was garbage in 1972 and is much worse now.  We used the Ignition 1 & 2 wires to trigger the relays. 

We have three relays in the box that are unused as of yet. I am thinking of some major league air horns (hey, the Miata has an air horn), police spot lights, and a PA system for the three available ones.
At midnight of his last day here, we realized that we needed to make an HEI COIL wire to a conventional old school distributor cap plus regap the plugs to 0.045" to better benefit the HEI ignition.  He was supposed to leave first thing the next morning for a few days in San Antone.  He decided to leave finding the spark plug holes in the heads to me. Headers may look cool, but they are a pain in butt!

We also installed and adjusted the throttle valve linkage,  heater hose connectors/hoses, plumbed the fuel system, gauges, tested the wiring, and other such things.

Spun it over on the starter and got oil  pressure, put some transmission oil in it and did the usual cussing, arguing and car hate as we worked.  His wife asked him if he really like doing this stuff because we argued so much.  Women don't understand man stuff or bonding.

We also spent six hours removing the factory exhaust manifold from my Miata and replaced it with a Polydyne titanium coated aftermarket header which should add three HP at the rear tires. Thank goodness for a sawzall and a son who likes to cut stuff up into small pieces. The the car sounds like a Saber jet between 6000 and 7000 rpm. Puts a grin in my soul.

IHADAV8 Playground / Definitely a project
« on: April 03 2022, 10:40:29 PM »
This one is gonna take some work for sure....carb and electrics and who knows what else.  One of my friends picked it up for me today in Temple.  Now I have to find a trailer and go haul it out here

IHADAV8 Playground / Happy Birthday, David!
« on: January 16 2022, 03:32:24 PM »
I hope it it's a great day for for you all! 🎂🎂🎂🎂

and I spent $95 for 2x4's and screws to build 4 "wheel blocks".

If my Dad had been into cars, I would be living in a place like this today.

General Auto Tech / New Jack
« on: January 14 2022, 06:56:32 PM »
I decided to buy another jack that was more controllable than the two floor jacks that I have. The Daytona jacks from HF have a pretty good reputation for the money (they have gone up about 40% since last summer so I guess that is relative).

I was going to buy the Professional model long reach/low profile model but I noted they have a 90 day warranty whereas the Super Duty was on sale for $20 more and come with a three year warranty. The down side is that it is about a 1/2" taller and full height is about 1/2" lower.

The Super Duty is a blatant knock off of the Snap On and is alleged to be built in the same factory as the Snap On. The wheels are ball bearing and taller than the Professional model and it has more grease fittings.

It weighs 104 lbs out of the box but it glides around like it is floating on air. Most importantly, to me, is that it appears to be very controllable in drop speed which makes it easier to get the car off the blocks and down to the jack stands before going all the way to the floor. That is the plan anyway.

Gotta few more things to button up on this old gal before I find out.

General Buick Tech / Holley/Morimoto 4x6" headlights
« on: January 14 2022, 11:21:11 AM »
Holley got with Morimoto and introduced some old style appearing headlights that use modern led technology to produce really good lighting unlike most of the junk out there.

Of course, like anything from Morimoto (and Holley for that matter) they are not cheap.  I don't drive much at night anymore due to old eyes and deer that suddenly (magically) appear in the middle of the road.  Modern headlights do a much better job of finding them off to the sides of the road but they don't normally fit our cars.

I think I am going to have to stop buying ammo and put some money into some of these.  I have already found that 7" headlights can be much improved with a set of good led bulbs.  I have also found that there is about one set of bulbs that work well in the housings for every 50 sets that don't aim the beams correctly.

Aiming them properly is one issue which is easy to least with the good sets.  I have always been intrigued with
running four low beams at once, or four highs at once.  Holley allows you to do this if you want.  I would not be surprised to be stopped by the law when they see four lights on whether they were blinded or not, but, that is another issue.

For an old school looking headlight, these throw a pretty sharp pattern.

« on: October 07 2021, 09:33:57 AM »
They put a full bodied (3600+ lb) Buick into the 8's on pump gas and alky.  You all know I am the one that should be called grumpy because I despise so many of the jerks that strut around bragging about their professionally  built engines, lightweight cars etc who don't want to run more than an 1/8th mile because they might hurt something.  Same ones that are online talking crap about everyone else who cannot afford to play in their league badmouthing them about their paint jobs or less that immaculate cars even if they run as fast as the Big Dawgs with their flown in tuners, and so on...  8.93@ 150 mph

But here are Grumpy's (Dan's) daughter and son-in-law -Melissa and Russ Merritt blowing everyone else away once again.  Melissa drives and Russ does the wrenching, the tuning, the fixing, the hauling, etc.  all the while working full time.  But what sets them apart from the crowd in my books is that they are genuinely nice!  I mean really nice!

They are what epitomizes real racing at the hobbyist level except there is nothing "hobbyist" about their performance, the car, or anything else they are associated with!  Real people doing real good! 

Congratulation s, Dan!  I know how proud you are!

Here is Melissa's write up that she posted on FB because Russ never says much!!

"He flipping did it!  He doesnít like it being posted this way, but I am the one with the Facebook account, so yeah 😛.  His version:  We finally got it!   A few weeks ago, at Cecil, when we loaded it into the trailer with the winch, a lifted head, and a block filled with water, as frustrating as it was, I knew we werenít done.  He busted his ass to get us back up and running the next weekend, so we were ready for the N/T race.  We raced smart that day.  Today we raced stupid, and it worked, plus we drove it into the trailer!  Of course, Grumpy was watching us from his favorite spot in the stands.
Russ makes it seem easy, but few see all the time and work he puts into that car.  His dedication got us here.  109 block, pump gas and Alky, PTE SLIC, 2004r, a foot brake and rolling over the scales at 3610. 🤘 We have a flipping great time doing what we do and consider ourselves lucky for every safe pass we make.   
And after the excitement came the tears.💔 There is such a big part of our team missing.  Mom, I am so sorry that we are a year late.  I heard every song you sent me today, and we all appreciated those clouds you sent for that last pass. You would have been the most excited one!  When the lights do down, I know that you are never far away.
No cake till 8ís!!  Bring on the cake!!  Cupcakes count."

Yep, your Mom is definitely smiling down!     :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:

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