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« on: January 23 2013, 01:25:08 PM »
Well here goes.
I can not be the first.

I am a member of a local club, the tech person.

Some articles where given to the club from a wife of the deceased member.

I was in charge of cleaning/selling/etc with parameters set by the club as to values after said done.
Sold most articles.

A particular item was given to a new member by me without payment; new member said he would bring payment to me at a later date. I figure ok since he had purchased items from me in the past. ( I had forgot that he had not paid me for an item earlier, my wife was furious that I let him have this item that was not even mine. Rightfully so now that I think about it.)

In the mean time I forgot about the payment due (thankfully I had wrote it down,  approx 8 months passed). I was asked by the club Pres to look into it and after it.

At this time another club member is involved as the item was damaged and not functioning anymore. He repaired it.

The person repairing the item mentioned this at the club meeting, a discussion pursued at this point and the consensus was that the item was not to be returned to this party.

I was contacted at this point since I was not at the meeting. This was all told to me by the Pres. I hence told the Pres the scenario.

I then contacted the treasurer, I met with him and gave him money to clear the club of the issue since I caused this to happen.

Now after I paid the club for this item this individual says he paid me for it. This happened after I told the person fixing it I was done with him and washing my hands of it and paid the treasurer for it.

I am pissed that I am being called a liar!

I am perplexed as to how to deal with this now, in private, publicly in the club or with my Lawyer.

In this type of situation; what did you do?

Post up or PM or e-mail me.


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Re: Quandary
« Reply #1 on: January 23 2013, 03:55:49 PM »
difficult for sure...

Did you give receipts to those that bought the items from you when they paid?  Probably not, I would guess.

I think I would make a public pronouncement to the club that he never paid for the item and it was retrieved after it was broken.  Your reputation should be enough to carry the day.  Unless he can produce evidence of the purchase in the form of a cancelled check or receipt, he ain't got nothing as they say down here.
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Re: Quandary
« Reply #2 on: January 23 2013, 08:44:35 PM »
I hate people who do not pay what they owe.  Even worse to lie about it!
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Re: Quandary
« Reply #3 on: January 24 2013, 12:57:04 AM »
if you handed over said item without payment, then you are ultimately responsible.  Sounds like you did the right thing by settling up with the club, and taking them out of the equation.
if this pos is now lying about payment, then I would guess its all about how much $$$ you are out of and what you are willing to do about it on your own.
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