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Re: All about the Gray Ghost
« Reply #360 on: May 05 2019, 06:44:38 PM »
Been a while since I updated this thread. So here you go. Not much new happening with the limited. More testing is needed as is time.  I can probably get some testing done but I canít make any time.

Mostly been analyzing data and adjusting things here and there. Learned a real good lesson about fluid dynamics in regards to a pressure regulator. Just canít throw in a better pump and drive on thinking your fuel system is up to snuff.

Have an all Buick test and tune day at XRP in Ferris, TX on May 11th, 10 AM - 4 PM. 1/8th mile track. Hope to make a few passes and get some more data. Maybe even make some new PBís.

Personal best so far in the limited:

60 foot. 1.501
1/8 ET. 6.75
1/8 MPH 104.77
1/4 ET 10.98
1/4 MPH 125.98
Nice, good job!