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Re: Hagerty in Ontario
« Reply #15 on: October 01 2018, 06:18:49 AM »
I'm having an unpleasant experience with Heacock. Their anxious to pick the car up before I get paid, plus I'm waiting for certified mail that has forms that need filled out.

I bet you're being scammed. I had my whole rig stolen Oct 4th 2015. Truck, trailer and GN. I found the truck 27 days later in Hamilton Ontario...2 hours from my place. I should write a book about the theft'd be a best seller. Anyway, I have the police release the truck to me and have it towed via CAA to my friends shop in Bowmanville... about 30 minutes away so I can inspect it. Other than the door and ignition switch being tampered with and the right side box side smashed in...there's nothing wrong with it. I call my insurance, and drop it off at a fast food chain body shop here in town. They send their adjuster out and he finds 5 grand worth of damage...and gives the go ahead to fix it as the truck black booked at 12,500 bucks. A few days later I get a call from the body shop. I go over and they give me a laundry list of damage to the truck...includ ing the rods knocking in the engine. They said they had their mechanic look at it and he found the damage. They tell my insurance company it's scrap cuz of too much mechanical issues. I call bullshit...and call my insurance company. They send out one of their mechanics to inspect it...and find nothing mechanically wrong with it. I find out the 2500 series trucks...are being shipped to the states...cuz there's a shortage of good used trucks...and they're getting the difference on the dollar...big money. I get a phone call from the new manager of the body shop...and he can't say sorry enuf...the one I dealt with was inexplicably fired. He didn't come out and say it...but he was an older lad...and knew what was going on.'re being scammed.
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