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87 Grand National SOLD!
« on: August 10 2018, 07:28:57 PM »
I'm selling my 87' GN T-Top. Its in nice condition with lots of upgrades. I have been owning it for a little over 2 years and bought it at a Mecum auction (my first GN). The odometer has about 17500 miles on it and Mecum sold it to me as that being original miles. I'm not sure that is 100% accurate.

I have had a blast and heart burn with this car as I went through a steep learning curve on this fun but quirky car. I recently built a new shop and will be selling the GN to help pay for it.

As for the car, it has a very nice interior and everything works. The steering wheel has a few scuffs on it but other than I'd give it a 9 of 10. It has a power seat on the drivers side, a/c works great, power antenna works, cruise control, Concert Sound radio works (sounds a little scratchy), all interior lights work as do all the dash lights. I believe the seat covers and carpet are original but it does have aftermarket floor mats.

Under the hood it's extremely clean and the under hood light works. It still has the original PowerMaster brake setup which I believe will need an accumulator ball in the future. Occasionally during brake application, the red brake light in the dash comes on for just a second and then goes out.

What I do know is the engine is not the original block (serial number doesn't match) but the transmission is original to the car. I believe the rear end is original to the car also. It has the chip/rock guard on the lower doors, quarters and fenders. I'm not a paint guy but it looks like clear has been sprayed over the possibly original paint.

As for the modifications, someone spent a lot of money on it.

The rear end has a T\A girdle, HR partsNstuff sway bar and what appear to be Spohn's fully adjustable upper control arms and their boxed lower control arms all with poly bushings. It has a Metco driveshaft loop, and an HR partsNstuff rear tranny mount.

It has what I believe are the stock headers and crossover pipe (they have been reinforced and welded up in the places they normally crack). A stainless steel 4" downpipe with internal waste gate, which goes into a 3" exhaust with test pipe, then into a pair of stainless Magnaflow mufflers and out twin 3" tail pipes.

As far as the fuel system, I don't know what pump it has in the tank. I do know it keeps up with demand at a pound for pound increase with boost up to 25 psi. I also has a fuel pump hot wire kit with a billet adjustable fuel pressure regulator feeding a set of 60 lb Precision injectors. It has an Accufab 72mm(?) polished throttle body and a Precision plenum with an intake spacer and an RJC Power Plate. It has a stock ported intake.

I haven't had the heads or the oil pan off but I have had the intake and front cover off of it. I did the earlbrown mods to the front cover while I had it off.  I'm not sure what crankshaft and pistons but it does have H-beam rods. The block is girdled and it has the multi-layer steel head gaskets and ARP head studs. It looks like it has new stainless steel valves and bronze valve guides and new valve stem seals. It has a new Comp Cams 212\212 flat tappet cam with new lifters, valve springs and timing chain set. I replaced the cam to a worn lobe on the #3 cylinder. It had a set of higher pressure beehive valve springs but I put a set of Comp 980's when installing the new cam. The beehives come with the car.

It has a Precision 6776 BB turbo and a Precision SLIC. The intake pipe is a 4" with a 3" up pipe (I polished both). It has a blade style MAF with the MAF Translator. It's also equipped with a Razor single nozzle ALKY system and it comes with a spare ALKY pump.  It has a pair of electric fans with the upgraded relays. It also has a Scanmaster 2.1, a boost\vacuum gauge and a temp gauge on the A-pillar.

The trunk is clean with the original space-saver spare, jack and T-Top bags. I believe the front and rear bumper fillers are original and all are in great shape.

I also have the original door broadcast sheet, owners manual, etc..

Asking $25,000. If anyone is interested, just PM me and I can send photos to your email account. I'm located in Louisiana.


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87' GN, 109 girdled block, Precision 6776, SLIC, Alky, Comp 212/212  flat tappet, stock valve train, TT5.6 Chip, 60lb injectors.

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