Author Topic: Anybody well versed in E-commerce?  (Read 469 times)

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Anybody well versed in E-commerce?
« on: March 02 2018, 06:56:00 PM »
..and/or the most cost effective way to set up a merchant account?

  Ebay and Paypal have me about the most pissed off at them I've ever been.   Between their lack of backbone, and fees after fees after fees...    I think it's time to throttle back on just how much money I'm making them.  That and I'm bored and want to do something new.

That and I do not want a damn 1099-K this year.  The feds and the state of GA don't seem to comprehend obamas confusing ass cash grab form and won't get off my back (from 2015).

I've found a few sites that are set up with templates for that sort of thing but the market has buttloads of them and it's hard to tell which ones are user friendly, which ones suck, and which ones are overpriced.

Right now I'm thinking about setting up something with the same stuff I have on my Ebay store but mark everything down since Ebay and paypal won't be nailing me for over 13%.  Then if someone buys something form ebay I can email them the link (or sneak it into my description) and save everybody a little bit of cheeze.  Not to mention being about to get more accurate on shipping and not have to guess.

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Re: Anybody well versed in E-commerce?
« Reply #1 on: March 03 2018, 09:47:06 AM »
I have only been on the buying end of the e-commerce activity. But I would have to say that taking the bitcoin worked out for that fittycent fellow. I would want to be able to have the easiest to navigate and easiest to make a purchase website.

I tried to buy some tall folding chairs from the heb grocery store(local chain) website. They are the only place i was able to find these particular chairs(tall and folding for volleyball tournaments we attend regularly). I had a code for free shipping. I at first couldn't figure out how to get the chairs into the "cart" . Many would give up but I kept at it, strike one. Then when I finally got them into the cart I tried to use the code for the free shipping but it wouldn't work, strike two. So I sent off an email to them and never heard back, strike three. I still don't have any chairs and I'm pissed off at them and their website and that is my story. This is where eBay and amazon shine. They make it easy to use, buy and receive the product. And then if there is any problems, they have you send it back or send you another one if it doesn't arrive. At that point it becomes a juggernaut because people have confidence even if it costs more. And they have this site in the "favorites" and return for more. It is how Jeff bezos, much like Sam Walton before him built the empire.

That said, I reiterate. Make it easy to use and take good care of the customer and you should do well. Mr Kirban does a good business and isn't the best price, or at least that is hoe it looks to me. And that "other place" in n Carolina that burned the guys car down and didn't take care of it and has a website that is "iffy" at best and has a string of service issues. I've read em and it steered me away. Though kirabn has gotten my money more than once.

Do they have a list of websites that use their template. I'd be happy to hit a few and give my review.

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