Author Topic: Drip rail, weatherstripping, roof rail molding  (Read 1760 times)

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Drip rail, weatherstripping, roof rail molding
« on: June 14 2017, 11:09:41 PM »

You will not be able to save your old weatherstrippi ng, just go on ahead and mutilate it from the start.

The roof rail weatherstrippi ng is hiding several screws.

Along the front of the window and rear of the window the molding is doubled up. You have to remove the first piece of molding to get to the screws to the second piece of molding. PLUS when separating the trim you have to deal with double sided foam tape and more tape to remove the second layer of trim.

Go slow and you won't hurt anything. Double check under the leftover weatherstrippi ng for hidden screws! If you come across a jam stop and check again. The trim comes out pretty easy.

The drip rail was easier to remove than I thought.

The nightmare is cleaning the glue and tape off the trim. Maybe the media blaster will work?

I was hoping to use aftermarket weatherstrippi ng to try and test so I could keep my NOS weatherstrippi ng boxed up. No way. I'm not dealing with this trim again. The weather stripping gets glued into a little fold on the trim - to prevent leaks I'm sure.

In the past I've heard bad things about aftermarket weather stripping. Fitment and hardness problems. I prepared years ago and bought NOS. Glad I did because I just searched thinking I'd buy more NOS weatherstrippi ng, hahaha, negative. I paid $600 for my sets, now your looking at $1100 to wrap both doors. Crazy! And I thought $600 was crazy.

As far as fitment though, I'm wondering if people are using the foam tape or glue to seal the molding. I'm thinking the glue method messes up the dimensions making everything flat where the foam tape puts space between the molding.

Before I go searching does anyone know what kind of foam tape to look for?
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Re: Drip rail, weatherstripping, roof rail molding
« Reply #1 on: July 24 2018, 08:10:55 AM »
Ask away.

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