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Thanks for the good advice. I ended up getting a used Hobart 140 @ a local welding supply store.

Is it worh it to pay the $$$ for the Miller welder or is there a less expensive welder that would be good. I have a lot of sheet metal to practice on.  :chin:

I need to replace the front floor panels. There are holes not big ones but I think, to do it right I should weld patches. There is rust in the upper and lower A pillars, and I'm not sure what to do. i could could use fiberglass but I don't think that is the right approach. I am not a strong welder. 

Own a 1984 GN, with T Tops. Not much out there for us hot air GNs. Saved my GN from the scrap yard, the GN is what I wanted since HS.  I bought it cheap off the scrap dealer and now I am trying to put it back together by myself. It is a daunting task since I had only basic automotive knowledge. I have learned a lot already, and I jumped up and down when I got the car started last fall. My biggest challenges are finding how to vids and instructions. Electrical and vacuum systems are my biggest challenge.  I own the buick service manual but it is hard to read. The chilton manual for 78 - 87 G bodies does not include turbo buicks. I am a happy recipient of knowledge esp. pics and video for 84/5. I follow m,, On youtubeI follow classic gbody garage, turbobuicks101, and venomgt87. Thank you for letting me join this community. :powersix: :powersix: :powersix: :powersix: :powersix: :powersix:

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