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IHADAV8 Playground / Forzfed!!!!!!! Where the heck are you?
« on: January 29 2020, 09:59:04 AM »
Are you standing on top of a 13 m ladder under that radiant heater trying to feel the heat?  C'mon in here and we will loan you a coat and a 12 pack of Keystone lager!

IHADAV8 Playground / Happy Birthday, David!
« on: January 16 2020, 10:28:41 AM »
Happy Birthday to  my favorite Canadian painter!  Time for you to get your own TV show on the DIY channel!

General Buick Tech / Earl Brown!!! Link to your oil cover mods
« on: December 19 2019, 10:50:37 PM »
I think I asked you once before if you have a link to your suggested timing cover mods.

I would like to add it to my [size=78%][/size]  page under Earl Brown Racing timing cover mods

Jeremy spent the week end unplugging my VortexBuicks site from my current hosting company and installing it on Mark's server.

Mark, I really appreciate your generosity!!  If I can help pay some of your server costs, I will be all too happy to do so.

Jeremy, I know you had better things to do this week end and I appreciate all the efforts you put into unraveling the DNS, getting the domain moved, and getting the site up and running on Mark's server.  I owe you more than one for all the effort you have put into helping me over the past year when I had problems getting things to work!  Not to mention all your efforts on the Board to provide all of us with a better experience.

 :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:

IHADAV8 Playground / Earl Brown Racing
« on: November 30 2019, 10:32:50 AM »
I ordered a set of brake hoses from Earl on Ebay.  I noticed that he has a 100% rating.  Between Jimmy Hoffa or whatever name Paulie is using these days, and Ibby?, I would have thought he would have had more like a 99.9%  :icon_lol: :icon_lol: :icon_lol: :rock:

General Buick Tech / Russ and Melissa's Turbo Alky car
« on: November 02 2019, 08:56:35 PM »
Looks like it got rained out at BG, but Russ gave Julio his build.  Note this is a full weight car and not a stripped down pro-mod car.  Also note that it leaves at 2 psi of boost off the foot brake and there is no magic ignition, two step and all the stuff people think they have to buy to go fast.  Just a damn good tuner/mechanic and a driver!  Oh, yeah, it runs a PowerPlate so all those guys that eyeball it and say it cannot work need to get their eyes recalibrated!

this is a FB link to Julio's facebook page for those of you that do FB...My opinion is this what Going FAST with CLASS is all about.  No whining, no cheating, no pushing the rules...just basic TurboBuick!

IHADAV8 Playground / Endoscope/Borescope
« on: September 20 2019, 11:21:49 AM »
One of the benefits of the smart phone generation is the ability to buy a cheap, wireless borescope or endoscope and look into places that your body does not want to go, or where access is dark and inaccessible.

The first one I had was not wireless and had to be plugged into the phone, but the current one that I am using does not have to be attached to the phone which makes it easier to use...It's amazing how good the cameras are for the price.  Technology is worth it sometimes...

General Auto Tech / Is Earl's Screen Name
« on: July 21 2019, 11:35:46 AM »
Dirty Sanchez? Good thread and it's written like Earl would write.

General Buick Tech / Earl Brown! Rear Main Seal Install
« on: July 20 2019, 11:57:23 PM »
Earl, I have been waiting for some magical being to come along and do the rear mains on both my Buicks.  Beginning to lose hope and am thinking about sucking it up and doing it myself.

I see several ways suggested it can be done, but the more I read, the more questions I have.

I started with as a basis.

Okay, assuming it get the old cap off and clean it up so it's oil-free, then:

Using a rubber seal (dry according to Fel-Pro) and installing it cocked .

Now my questions begin.

Some say to apply a paper thin layer of anaerobic sealer to the mating surfaces, install the cap, and torque it down to 100 ft lbs, then inject the side cavities of the cap until the sealer seeps out.  YET, others say, lightly snug the cap, then inject the sealer in the side pockets til it's seeping out, and THEN torque the cap down to the 100 ft lb spec.

Okay, that suggests several questions.  First, torque it down it down all the way before filling the side pockets, or fill first, then torque, and inject some more in case there is room for more.

Second, what are your choices for sealer.  I was thinking Right Stuff because it is applied like a caulking gun.  Anaerobic sealer on the face or something else?

In other words, give me the Earl Brown procedure for a leak-proof future in details an old man can understand.  A picture where to apply the sealer between the cap and block would be nice as well if you have such.

Appreciate it!

General Buick Tech / Okay, Grumpy! Suspension question
« on: July 09 2019, 12:12:31 PM »
In the old days of four links, there was an opinion floating around that suggested that the lower control arms should be close to parallel to the ground and the upper bars should handle most of the adjustment.

In those days, there was not much available for G bodies.  Chuck made some drops for the rear of the lower control arms but they did not seem to take off.  I have a pair of them and on my GN, the rear end would rise up like a Mopar Super Stocker from the 'sixties and it would hook really well for a few feet and then it would come back down and unload.  My GN is lowered an inch with Eibach springs on both ends and it may be that this caused the instant center to be too far back and too high above the anti squat line.  I never tried them on my son's T top although I have been thinking about it for a few years  :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Later Kevin Slaby came along with some drops for the front of the uppers. I have no experience with them.

I see there are quite a few options out there today for drops with coil overs, and such.

Now, back to my question.  Is there any current opinion on the advisability of keeping the lowers close to parallel to the ground and using the uppers to establish the desired instant center, or does it really matter as long as it works and does not create instability when you stand on the brakes?

IHADAV8 Playground / Brad
« on: June 26 2019, 05:10:12 PM »
I understand that Brad's diabetes problems have affected his vision and he has not been able to read the Board lately.  Take care of yourself and get back with us as soon as you can!

I am not the only that misses you, my friend!

General Buick Tech / Shifter trim ring
« on: May 04 2019, 11:15:59 AM »
I am looking for the "chrome" trim ring that pops into the shifter handle over the "dummy" button on the right side.  Any one have an old handle laying around with this piece intact?

IHADAV8 Playground / Ed Baker's daughter
« on: February 06 2019, 08:04:26 PM »
Lost her battle with cancer today.  Ed has been away from the car business for several years taking care of her and his granddaughter. 

I have not talked to Ed since the fall when it told me that it did not look good, but, he is one of my closest friends in the car business.  He is a real car guy that has always helped everyone that he could. I don't understand why such bad things happen to the best of people.

My heart goes out to him, his granddaughter, and the rest of his family. 

IHADAV8 Playground / National Healthcare
« on: February 02 2019, 10:00:53 PM »
This does not sound at all like the glowing reviews of Canadian health Care that I hear here but it sounds exactly like what my Canadian employees told in 2000.

'Medicare-for-all' means long waits for poor care, and Americans won't go for it once they learn these facts

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