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Bitch/Whine/Moan / Re: Dirtbag ALERT
« on: December 29 2017, 03:53:53 AM »
I checked my junk mail today in my email account that i used to deal with this guy.

He sent me an email on Christmas Day, what a loser:

Hope you had a Merry Christmas with My Security Deposit! (Actually my Sons) you can explain to Judge you will be receiving court date!!

I think he forgets the judge gave me a judgement and he still owes me several thousand dollars, but he is harping on about his crappy security deposit. He thinks people will fall for the "you need to be in court on XXX date", have me served by as per law Mr Paul Castelbuono!

Bitch/Whine/Moan / Re: Dirtbag ALERT
« on: August 27 2017, 02:51:03 PM »
seems like someone broke the basement window and put a hose through the window and turned it on... hmm i wonder who it could be...  too many suspects me thinks....!

Bitch/Whine/Moan / Re: Dirtbag ALERT
« on: August 22 2017, 01:50:02 PM »
Now trying to contact me Facebook

Paul buddy. You are nuts. Heading to the Seattle supreme court house now to file a no contact order, luckily the judge is aware of this guy after I showed him the messages from during the eviction

Bitch/Whine/Moan / Re: Dirtbag ALERT
« on: August 20 2017, 05:33:04 PM »

Has no sense of being an adult. I hope he is living in a warehouse, the guy shouldn't be a burden on anyone else.

Bitch/Whine/Moan / Re: Dirtbag ALERT
« on: August 20 2017, 05:02:16 PM »
O yeah man , he is STILL claiming I wronged him, and that I only evicted him because he could not pay half a months rent. He says I did all this to get him out a couple of weeks early. The guy just cannot admit any wrongdoing. On top of that he also says that any landlord would be lucky to have a tenant like him.


Bitch/Whine/Moan / Re: Dirtbag ALERT
« on: August 20 2017, 03:42:13 PM »
In the text messages i was so tired of his nonsense (and these are not all his messages) I had to pretend to be someone else and changed my number.

I ended up changing just number in the end. These mentally deranged people can take a toll on you.

Bitch/Whine/Moan / Re: Dirtbag ALERT
« on: August 20 2017, 03:41:16 PM »
Here is  the Basic story with this clown:

0. Moved for Work in Oct 2014 left the property empty and tried to sell with no luck
1. In July 2015 he became my tenant (I screwed up and trusted a realtor to do a proper check on him) - 2 year lease
2. We informed him that we would be putting up the property for sale in Jan 2017 so we can move on with our lives - we made this very clear
3. Castelbuono tried to convince us to sell to him via a contract sale (basically this is us becoming his bank and he pays a mortgage to us) we refuse this offer and say make a traditional offer when you can.
4. Dec 2015 - he changes out our hardwood flooring without notification to us with some cheap crap. He tell us his original hardwood flooring was hurting his feet and was not very good. At this point I realize this guy is nuts, who does that? Would anyone not notify the landlord and tell them to fix the flooring?
5. In 2016 he violates several bylaws of the area by parking his trailer on the property (this is an expensive neighborhood and people complain as it is seen as unsightly)
6. He does not stop parking this trailer even after several fines. The City has a case on going in court against him - even now - he just keeps finding ways of delaying the case
7.  In Dec 2016 we inform him the property will be going up for sale next month. We will reduce the asking price for him since he has been renting.
8. He tries to say how many issues there are with the property in order to reduce the price to a ridiculous number and I tell him up front. Take it or leave it. He also claimed he was having health issues due to mold in the house - I tell him - are you crazy get out and save your life! Why are you staying in a house full of mold?!?! No Response.
9. He gets arrested for domestic battery and tries to tell me the cops were there as he was having heart issues.
10. Feb 2017 - we tell him we are ready to list and we will reduce his rent so the time to show the place once a week to potential buyers.
10.a He turns off the water in my swimming pool room and a few pipes burst. he doesn't answer the repairs mans phones or texts and claims he is having his time wasted on a Sunday to get this repaired (what a guy)
11. His mommy calls us and says - "We will no longer pay anymore rent until you agree to extend the least by another 2 years"
12. I say what about your current lease which runs until July 2017? No response.
13. We start eviction proceedings
14. His goal was to basically prevent us from selling the property in the summer - since he believed he was screwing us over. His belief was - if he stopped paying the rent I would not be able to afford to live my life and I would fold and extend his lease. Well he was pretty wrong about that.
15. He manages to push the court dates back a few times but in March 2017 the judge forced us to agree to a terms - where he stays until July and pays all his missed rent and continues to pay rent and lets us show the property for potential buyers within 2 weeks
16. 2 weeks go by and nothing - back to court for violating a court order
16a. We try to get in to the property to take pictures for the listing for sale. He denies entry, we come back with the sheriff and he claims he goes going to tell the judge we are intimidating him (lol)
16b. He tells me and my lawyer that he will get his father involved and use his money to come after me. - His family owns Castle Chevrolet in Villa Park and a few other dealerships. I think they have kicked him out of the business - but im speculating here.
16c. His lawyer quits for nonpayment (lol again) [size=78%]  [/size]
17. I met him in court once with his mommy - the judge asks us to go outside and try to make a deal, His mommy sits there looking at me shaking her head and saying to me "his poor wife has to live with him" (LOL) I just blanked her out and she finally sees this and leaves (nice game plan eh to try and provoke me?)
18. Judge lets him stay until end of July even though the court orders were violated, At this point im thinking the judge knows this guy and must be friends
19. He basically managed to con the judge into believing he was some sort of victim and delays by another month or 2 but eventually the judge signs the eviction order and gives me a monetary judgement in July 2017 after he realized that he made a mistake.
19. We get him out, and he tries lamely to fix and justify the property he damaged.
20. He had not maintained the landscaping - his flooring installation was incorrect and not staggered (hardwood or laminate should be staggered to look nice) plus doors had been kicked in as he tried to beat up his son or mother when he was arrested,
21. I find out from MY original landscaper that when this idiot moved in in July 2015 he hired him to put mulch around the property - cost about 2-3K
22. When it came time to pay my landscaper he says -"dont come back here or i'll call immigration"
23. My landscaper doesn't come back - as he realized this guy is deranged - my landscaper tells me this information when I hired him to do a clean up of the property once castelbuono was out in July 2017
24. He tries to convince me to give me back his deposit and if not he would steal the fridge in the property (one of those expensive built in fridges that cost about 15k)
25 Through the entirety of this process since Feb 2017 I was dealing with constant abuse via email and text messages.
26. he has since paid the water bill thankfully and a couple of months rent (he did this to trick the judge he was fully paid up)

This man wanted to buy my property but he could not even afford to pay the water or sewer bills lol. What a loser. The water company kept me in the loop once they found out what this guys was doing after he turned off the heater in my pool room and about 30k gallons were released (funny thing is that idiot had to pay for the water in the end lol)

Here are some of his texts and emails


Some of his nice emails I copied and pasted random emails, too much nonsense to sift through

Guess it is a Joke my father would have wrote a check if you were at all realistic with your sale price! My kids are affected and my son is scared of changing schools! How I come up with this conclusion your right IS BEYOND WORDS!! THERE WILL BE NO SHERIFFS PRESENT WITH MY KIDS IN HOME ENOUGH IS ENOUGH JASPAL! You threw my $$ away on attorneys! The house had issues and if your were any kind of person you would take that into consideration! I was more then patient with all the people I had to meet to fix problem after problem! Since you scared Robert away also re read your emails cause once house is listed you said you were reducing rent for the time I have to take away from my day for showings! I paid my rent for 18 months never missed if the man upstairs had anything to say about it you owe me $$!! If you want to go back to court so be it!! You are a very intimidating and demanding person does not work with me! So thank you for respecting my situation this weekend and I am also in FULL Cooperation to have you list and sell your home!! Just will not be on your DEMANDS! FYI Gentlemen I have every intention to let Mr. Punia sell his home if I could have moved I would!! Enjoy my weekend my Mother is having major Surgery your unreal!! You don't have any compassion!!

Matt If need be lets see how judge feels about this intimidation with Sheriffs! My father will be home next wed and if need be we can back this case with his $$$ he is very concerned about how his Son and Grandkids have been treated by Mr. Punia!

EXCUSES!! Learn how to talk to people Sheriffs Robert feels threatened and so do I! There will be no Sheriffs!! My mother is having a major surgery tomorrow 4/21/2017 I will be taking care of that tomorrow and unavaliable till next Tuesday! I had surgery this past Tuesday and have to be back at Dr. Monday 4/24/2017! Sheriffs will not be called I have 2 minor children in my care so lets grow up!! We are in full cooperation we will revisit this Tue 4/25/2017 for day and time! I will be at hospital tomorrow with my mother and would appreciate that respect! Your house will get listed and sold! 

After all this in the end he says I overreacted and there was no need to involve attorneys etc. what a joker.

Thats fine I fully understand! You will see in the end we had no need for court and foolish costs! I pay what I owe!

Standard move out letter my ASS!! You back yard has tons of poision IVY NOT FROM ME I PAID $1200 last year to have it removed removing it again is your problem not mine!

Don't ever mention the word stealing to me! I really think you have no idea who I am or who I know ask PEOPLE!!

Whatever state law? I lease a million dollar warehouse I know exactly how leases work! Ill read it thou when time prevails!!

I called him a thief at this point and pointed out all the websites that prove this and say - how can we all be wrong about you?
If the guy is not scared why contact Police! I also copied and brought his Emails to the States Attorney telling me my middle name should be Thief!! Sending me some move out letter my skin is not black! Harassing me with Google bullshit about me! 30 plus years in business and I have 3 google complaints! This guy is a JOKE!

Do not send me another Email!! I want nothing to do with you terrorist people! Move the lift and all the other items no one is gonna do it for free! That lift was my sons he uses for automotive he takes in school! Your a piece of shit Jaspal

Big email tough guy love to have you talk your shit to my face! 
Funny thing was I met him at the property a bit earlier and he couldn't even look at me

FREE THAT ALL YOU ARE ABOUT YOU CHEAP INDIAN PRICK! Touch my lift and I will sue the fuck out of you! [/color]
He left a car lift in my property and I said I would dispose of it if he didnt move it[/color]


Your yard has poison ivy not caused by me! Karma is gonna bite you!

You have caused me and my family stress go stick the security deposit up your fucking ass!  Stop you from what you could have done whatever you wanted to that piece of shit house!

Estimate date of lift removal will have to check with my secretary! You Fucking JAGOFF INDIAN!!!
His secretary = his mommy

Robert that is not true the crack in the window has nothing to do with me I told him in court in front of you the storms cracked the glass!  1 game after another I have had it with this!  Nothing is good enough for this guy they don't think like us! The house is better then when I moved in! Not my Fucking problem he is in Germany lie after fucking lie pull up emails he even said some one will inspect house for him and I will get deposit! He still owes me $200 for water! I AM UNHINGED FROM THIS GUY!! I want my GUCKING $$
Im a consultant so I travel frequently - he finds it hard to believe that other people work hard to make money

In the end it took him a month to move out, he could not afford to pay the movers to get him out in one shot so he had to keep waiting for some paychecks to keep paying them lol


I attached these pictures from my phone


Bitch/Whine/Moan / Re: Dirtbag ALERT
« on: August 20 2017, 02:41:47 PM »
Yep I'll post a few of them tomorrow along with his colorful text messages lol

Bitch/Whine/Moan / Re: Dirtbag ALERT
« on: August 18 2017, 02:53:57 PM »
After a few months and a lot of time and money wasted castelbuono has been removed from my property (eviction and judgment against him), apparently he claims he is now living in a warehouse (probably a lie) and is asking for his security deposit back after completely destroying much of my property. This man claim I cannot use his security deposit without his permission LOL.

He has tried many "con-man" techniques to get his depsoit back by using:

1. Karma will come back against me
2. I am living in a warehouse with my belongings, please feel sorry for me. (emotional manipulation - as per many con-men use)
3. legal action
4. having friends call me to ask for the money back

Good Luck buddy - Karma came back for YOU

He has severe mental issues and issues of violence also, stay away if you can.

I have been going through his constant racial and verbal abuse via email and phone but when i was face to face with him as he was moving his sh#t out, he didn't have the balls the peep one at me, strange fellow

Bitch/Whine/Moan / Re: Dirtbag ALERT
« on: May 02 2017, 01:20:42 PM »
This guy is my tenant and has made my life hell for the last few months.  I wish I saw this thread earlier.

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