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General Buick Tech / oil question
« on: January 31 2020, 01:48:07 PM »
I change my oil very frequently, usually at 1000 to 1200 miles. I've noticed for quite some time that it turns dark pretty fast, let's say at 300 to 400 miles. By the time I change it, it's pretty black and was wondering why. What's odd is that I have other turbo cars, and I follow the same regimen on oil changes, same oil, same filters, in fact, I might go up to 2000 miles on those cars, because I don't drive them as much or as hard as my GN, but the oil in those cars doesn't turn "black". It's not something I'm worried about because it runs great, but just wondering if there's any changes I could make to prevent this from happening.

General Buick Tech / wiring to torque converter solonoid
« on: December 15 2019, 03:31:37 PM »
I noticed last night my torque converter was not locking up. I know it was working rather recently, so it's not something that's been going on for a long time and I wasn't aware of it. I checked today to find out the wire that plugs into the transmission that powers the lock-up solenoid is not hot. A few years ago I put a switch on that wire so I could select whether or not I wanted the converter to lock. I use it all the time. Is that wire fused? Where does it get it's power from? Can I just power up the lock-up solenoid by putting 12 volts to a switch wired to the solenoid? I would have tried this already but I have to move some wires around to do it, so for now, it's easier to ask first.

General Buick Tech / Annoying vibration @1500 to 1700 rpm
« on: October 02 2019, 10:28:56 AM »
All of a sudden my car developed an annoying vibration @1500 to 1700 rpm, approximately. It does it in neutral, park, and also while I'm going through that rpm range while driving. When observing the engine, I see no noticeable vibrating which leads me to believe it's in the transmission. I aim to disconnect the converter later today, and I expect the vibration to stop. If that's the case, would it be more likely the problem is in the converter or the transmission? I've checked for loose stuff and haven't found anything. By the way I have HR mounts on the engine and transmission, but never suffered any vibration upon installing them. This is out of the blue. TIA

« on: January 31 2019, 12:06:44 PM »
This weekend I'm going to change out my injectors and install new ones. I'm just going to place them in a sealed plastic bag for storage. Is this the best way to store used injectors? There's a good chance I may be installing them on another TR so I want to keep them from becoming defective.

General Buick Tech / OIL LEAK
« on: January 09 2019, 07:32:58 PM »
My motor has about 6000 miles on it and I have developed an oil leak. It doesn't leak while idling or sitting over night. It leaks while driving. It's dripping on the crossover pipe, my deep trans pan gets wet, and the floor, mainly on the driver side gets wet and there are drips hanging from my rear transmission support, and wet behind it and back to the mufflers. I guess my question is can the oil blow out through the rear main seal, but that seal not leak while not running or idling? I'm asking because I've checked the usual places, valve covers, rear of intake, oil pan, front stuff, etc. Could I be pressurizing the crankcase with boost, and causing the rear main seal to allow oil to blow by? I'm going to bypass the PVC tomorrow and see if that helps. I had a shim on my stock oil pump relief spring to increase oil pressure which I removed today. Still leaked on 10 mile cruise. I'm running my oil level a pint over full which I'm going to remove tomorrow. However, I've run it this way for 6000 miles with no issues. I would go ahead and replace the rear main seal and oil pan gasket, but I hate to do all that and have the same problem. Any speculations or suggestions would be welcome.  :icon_eyes:

General Buick Tech / Does anyone know where to get an AC evaporator?
« on: August 28 2018, 09:30:26 AM »
Just checking to be sure. I'm pretty sure there are none available. Normally aspirated G-body cars use a slightly larger core that does not fit in a turbobuick. Also, the larger line to the drier is about 3 inches short. Any new information on this problem?

General Buick Tech / scanmaster repair?
« on: April 23 2018, 07:24:41 PM »
I bought an 86 T-type and a scanmaster came with it. When going through the values, it suddenly goes to 8s across the screen, like this: and stays that way until I shut off the key and restart the car. Pushing the buttons has no effect. Anyone know how to fix this, or what vendor repairs these?

Hello all. I'm having an idle problem. On startup, it may idle smoothly for a couple minutes and then the idle rises and falls, and gets somewhat jerky and then may smooth out. Once into normal driving, all seems well. I have swapped out (I have another turbo car) the ign. mod./coilpak, the maf, ECM, changed chips so far. I've unplugged the O2 sensor. None of this had any positive effect.

I finally got some improvement by changing the TPS. It idled smoothly for longer periods although with some, but less than before, occasional idle fluctuating. If I unplug the TPS it idles perfect. Is this typical? Though it does seem overall better with a different TPS installed, I still think it's not the basic problem.

I unplugged the cam sensor. After doing so, about 30 seconds later the car stalled out. I tried again, and it stalled out quicker. I was under the impression it would just continue to run. What might that indicate if unplugging the cam sensor caused it to stall?  Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions.

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