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General Buick Tech / New start-up help
« on: November 02 2017, 01:30:44 PM »

So after years of putting it off, I'm struggling to get this motor to run right. At least while its still on blocks in the back of the garage. I'm trying to get it to start and idle. Will only start with the throttle partly open. Struggles to start without the throttle open some. (25-40%?) Then its a struggle to keep it running. Anything below 1000 rpms and it stalls. Forget trying to get it to 500 as the IAC setting direction say. Resetting the IAC hasn't seemed to do anything but run down my battery from starting it multiple times. Does the motor really need to be warm for this to work? Also I don't have a check valve in the fuel system yet. I don't see how its really needed for this.

Chip I'm using is a street 009 I got with the injectors. (too many years ago) so I don't know the specs. Translator set at all "0" Fuel @ 42.
UPDATE! Just went out to look at the plugs again. Changed them out yesterday.
This plug is no more then 20 minutes old. They all look like this. Which is why the long I ran the engine the harder it was to keep running I guess. Is it possible that all the injectors are bad? Its not blowing smoke. Something else?

New Member Introductions and Welcomes! / New here.
« on: October 30 2017, 09:29:19 PM »
Ok .. We all know life happens.. And I'm no exception. I had been on "the boards" since the early 90s when other things took over my life  and I stopped visiting and pretty much stopped working on my  C1 vette hybrid. Well now I'm retired, re-married and now have at least some time to devote to my vette. Promised my kids that I'd get it running before I die. LOL
 My T-Type was my daily driver back in the day so once I had it running how I wanted I pretty much stopped modding it so not much need to scan the posts and stay informed.
 So now I'm back! And woefully behind the times. I was pretty happy I actually was able to troubleshoot a no start issue and got he beast started the other day. But not well. Car's still up on stands so I just want it running right without filling the shop with clouds of smoke. Doing some research and as soon as i have  some pertinent info I'll be here asking for help. (pretty sure its fuel) All the alphabet soup on my Scanmaster is a bit confusing to me right now so I'm re-reading Vortex a few times and going over to Turbo Regal Web site to try to catch up some. I can't believe how  much stuff has changed.

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