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Title: Rears
Post by: daveismissing on August 27 2019, 08:48:20 AM
Plucked this off the ole FB. True?
Auburn posis work by the outer gears pressing/sliding against the housing instead of clutch packs. Last longer but not serviceable - once the housing is too worn its trash. Additive is optional for these, bit like an eaton all that does is reduce noise in low speed corners. Run just the oil. If it pops and squeaks the add the other stuff.

Title: Re: Rears
Post by: Steve Wood on August 27 2019, 08:55:53 AM
sounds right to me.  Once they had a Pro model that could be sent in and rebuilt but I think they gave that up.  My Auburn worked well for many years.
Title: Re: Rears
Post by: nocooler on August 27 2019, 08:58:50 AM
They are considered “cone” style posi.
Title: Re: Rears
Post by: TexasT on August 27 2019, 03:18:54 PM
And the cone has the friction material "bonded" to it. Once it is worn, it is time for replacement of the whole "chunk". One of the reasons an eating is nice. Repair parts and can adjust the "grab" with different springs. It amazed me that they let Yukon pretty much copy their design. I guess the sellnso many they don't care.
Title: Re: Rears
Post by: wmsonta on September 03 2019, 07:40:31 AM
The cone and the clutch style were both oem GM. Never saw a cone type 12 bolt. Never saw a cone type Chevy 8.5 or 8.2. Some Pontiac/Olds were cone type w/8.5 rears. Both styles were considered 50% bias.

Auburn produced cone type as soon as they could. They sold a high bias (75%) cone type, but I have no experience with them.

I have used the Yukon 'Eaton" style and they work. I refuse to have an opinion about increasing the preload. If you need a spool, get one.