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  • August 12 2018, 11:28:18 PM Tcorgn6: Check out Jason’s video regarding the 4” single shot. So does Archie at GN1 Performance [link]
  • August 12 2018, 11:33:09 PM Tcorgn6: Hey Steve, here’s Archie’s at GN1 Performance. [link]
  • August 13 2018, 09:05:23 AM Steve Wood: Has relatively no drone have said a couple of times you were looking for mufflers but you keep referring to complete systems?  all I can say is that unless you are in the Nines, they will not make you go faster and many have posted over the years tht 3" single shots sound like crap so the biggest benefit is less weight.  If you are young and are not discerning in the type of noise that comes out, I would say take your choice and buy one.  You can always sell it when you get tired of it.  If your car is not a driver, then it may work perfectly for you :)  Otherwise, I have my doubts.  You got to remember, I am old and I am interested in the quality of the sound because I like to drive mine.  My GN sounds like Brad's except it has UltraFlo's which sound good with a longer duration cam.  My T has Maxflows from Hooker...they don't have the bark at idle but sound similar at wide open throttle because it has a stock cam in it.  Read the comments in the forums from people that own the ones you are interested in and don't believe anything the vendors tell you.
  • August 13 2018, 09:09:26 AM Steve Wood: Listen to Larry's version of a single shot...they all sound more or less the same depending upon the rpm and the cam  [link]
  • August 13 2018, 09:43:07 AM Scoobum: I bought the Hooker setup when I first bought the car. Joe called and said he had Stephans mint ATR dual exhaust fpr 500 bucks to my door so I grabbed it. Dan Keller has Jasons transverse exhaust. Fit perfect with his ATR bar and sounds good.
  • August 13 2018, 09:57:42 AM good2win22: I'
  • August 13 2018, 10:00:04 AM good2win22: I've run the 3 inch single shot. Fit is horrible at the diff area and the drone is nasty at cruising speeds.  # inch down pipe to 2.5 Pypes for me with race flo mufflers and test pipe. Fits like a glove and sounds great!
  • August 13 2018, 10:04:40 AM good2win22: that should read 3 inch down pipe
  • August 13 2018, 10:05:48 AM 278CIKILLER: Don't run the GN1, fits like shit .
  • August 13 2018, 10:13:47 AM Scoobum: Steve...this is the Stephans S2 car outta Quebec I got my ATR exhaust from. 8.2x at 172. Joe now has that engine in his GN...and stephan now has a BB Chev with twin 88 pro mods....[link]
  • August 13 2018, 10:20:39 AM Steve Wood: sounds like crap (or a vacuum cleaner with a slipping belt)  but ran like a bat out of hell....of course, none of them sound good at wot.  It's normal driving that counts :) if they are a driver...if they are not..who needs an exhaust system
  • August 13 2018, 10:21:07 AM Scoobum:'s Stephans GN with the 540 with twins...[link]
  • August 13 2018, 10:30:57 AM Steve Wood: The turbo version of fenderwell headers!
  • August 13 2018, 01:12:00 PM Tcorgn6: Thanks Steve, yeah it sure sounds like I’m all over the place. I’m older in my 50’s and yes I’m looking for a nice sound . My final decision is to keep my system and replace the mufflers. I appreciate all the feed back !
  • August 13 2018, 01:30:59 PM Steve Wood: You are not older...geez, try being 77 for awhile lol
  • August 13 2018, 01:43:19 PM daveismissing: 50's ? - young punk! :)
  • August 13 2018, 02:40:02 PM Forzfed: I hope I'm as sharp as Steve when I get to be his age!
  • August 13 2018, 02:41:27 PM daveismissing: A new meaning to "brick" : [link]
  • August 13 2018, 08:10:13 PM Steve Wood: volvos are built like brick houses!
  • August 14 2018, 12:04:35 AM Forzfed: Do you think the owner is a brick layer?
  • August 14 2018, 11:25:20 AM Scoobum: At 54 I pretty much have zero patience...not sure how Steve doesn't completely lose his shit being 20 years older. Usually you get calmer as you age...but I'm doing the opposite. It's gonna get to the point of me having to live on an uninhabited island so I don't have to deal with anyone.
  • August 14 2018, 11:34:28 AM Scoobum: Speaking of uninhabited islands...wher e's Zap?
  • August 14 2018, 11:36:43 AM Tcorgn6: Thomas :rock:
  • August 14 2018, 12:03:36 PM Tcorgn6: The rocker guy is for Steve Wood, id be so lucky to make it to my 70's and still have it together.
  • August 14 2018, 05:33:34 PM 278CIKILLER: Looking for a stock TT chip with no Alky,  let me know what you have Thank's.
  • August 14 2018, 09:43:00 PM Steve Wood: for what injectors, Dan?
  • August 14 2018, 11:01:14 PM daveismissing: Manziel didn't look too bad tonight- improving
  • August 15 2018, 08:56:28 AM Steve Wood: bit of a rough go to be thrown into the worst team in the interesting to see if he gets better
  • August 15 2018, 09:09:34 AM 278CIKILLER: Steve for stock injectors, i was told , i'll get the number off them today, on the car i'm working on.
  • August 15 2018, 04:37:39 PM TexasT: he was drafted into the nfl onto one of te worst teams in the league. didnt make much of that opportunity

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