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  • Scoobum: Some fukn expert says he expects Canadians to charge their EV's during non peak hours. Let me explain. You'll get charged more if you don't.
    April 25 2022, 06:14:31 PM
  • Scoobum: Everyone better wake up...[link]
    April 26 2022, 10:28:35 AM
  • Scoobum: More woke BS. No more am I tolerent...[link]
    April 26 2022, 06:11:19 PM
  • wmsonta: so..Pfizer released a stockholder memo yesterday? "May" not get permenent FDA approval. Citing "problems". Now all I need is a ouiji board to determine the truth.
    April 27 2022, 10:18:54 AM
  • Scoobum: If anyone took the time to see the data dump from Pfizer on March 1st they werwe forced to do...people won't walk away from the jab...they'll run.
    April 27 2022, 11:12:05 AM
  • motorhead: Item 3, para D pg 6-7.  [link]
    April 27 2022, 05:21:09 PM
  • nocooler: Sup Mike?
    April 28 2022, 08:41:31 AM
  • nocooler: Steve - you need to do this to the big block in the wagon lol! [link]
    April 28 2022, 08:49:55 AM
  • Scoobum: Elon, I need you to now purchase FB and Google.
    April 28 2022, 09:05:41 AM
  • 85and87turbofun: RE:  Item 3, para D pg 6-7.  [link], That is the typical boiler plate that is needed to warn investors that ANY, stock you purchase has risks. Every invesment has risks. Ever hear of past performance is no guarentee of future results? If they don't disclose that stuff they can get sued. I've owned stocks that went south and years later I got checks in the mail because some class action lawsuit got settled. In conclution,  this in itself, doesn't mean the jab is bad.
    April 28 2022, 10:30:13 AM
  • Scoobum: These jabs have now killed/maimed more people that all previous jabs put together. 60 people from the swine flu jabbed died and it stopped...yet this continues.
    April 28 2022, 07:00:24 PM
  • Scoobum: Let's hope all these woke companies go broke...[link]
    April 28 2022, 09:46:33 PM
  • Scoobum: Another media lie...[link]
    April 29 2022, 12:24:52 PM
  • Just a Six?: Had it less than a month! MORON!   [link]
    May 02 2022, 07:47:07 PM
  • nocooler: WTF is in the water in RI? [link]
    May 03 2022, 09:17:32 AM
  • Scoobum: Jeremy, its all about money. This was the biggest con job of all time. The ones I feel sorry for are the ones who were coerced into taking it to keep their jobs.
    May 04 2022, 08:50:37 AM
  • Scoobum: Same as Zelensky. Hw was a 2 bit actor. Since he was installed he's now a billionare. How'd that happen...
    May 04 2022, 09:05:09 AM
  • Scoobum: Money is being thrown at Ukraine cuz it's the biggest laundering country in the world. Check out the money Brandon is throwing at it daily. His ass and his crackhead son are in a sling.
    May 04 2022, 09:20:47 AM
  • Scoobum: Pelosi and other world political scumbags are in Kyiv checking on their money laundering. And Angelina Jolie is over there dining. I thought it was a war zone?
    May 04 2022, 10:02:19 AM
  • Scoobum: Brandon wants to send another 33 billion to secure the Ukraine border...but not a nickel to secure the US southern border.
    May 04 2022, 10:10:08 AM
  • ULYCYC: Steve Wood is a billionaire from all the money he makes off of this website.
    May 04 2022, 12:11:07 PM
  • daveismissing: Somebody should tell Steve
    May 05 2022, 04:13:04 PM
  • daveismissing: Belated "may the 4'th be with you"
    May 05 2022, 04:13:44 PM
  • motorhead: Who'd have thunk it? [link]
    May 06 2022, 03:00:44 PM
  • motorhead: Hey, Jeremy.
    May 06 2022, 03:24:10 PM
  • TexasT: [link] not affiliated with seller but looks like something somebody in that area could make use of
    May 10 2022, 07:26:12 AM
  • TexasT: [link]. Go woke, go broke with all their spouting off about producing only ev type vehicles.
    May 13 2022, 10:26:29 AM
  • Forzfed: I don't see how that would work living up North where they still don't have cell service?  Hybrids would be a better choice!
    May 13 2022, 11:13:26 AM
  • Forzfed: And Tesla just released his EV Semi with a 300 mile range.  Seems extremely useless to me unless it is a yard truck!
    May 13 2022, 11:14:32 AM
  • nocooler: hopefully the wife doesn't notice marks I left yesterday when I was testing the 2-step/trans brake. I forgot to let completely off the gas before releasing the brake....opps. 3000rpm seems to build boost pretty quick. Next thing to test is the boost control.
    May 13 2022, 02:46:23 PM

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81 Million Votes by Scoobum
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Welcome To Clown World by Scoobum
[March 18 2022, 10:28:23 AM]

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May 13 2022, 03:13:06 PM
Re: LED headlights by Steve Wood (General Buick Tech)
May 13 2022, 09:51:03 AM
LED headlights by kjhansen (General Buick Tech)
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May 10 2022, 09:19:37 PM

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