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For Sale/Trade/Want To Buy / Battery Cable / frame clip wanted
« on: February 07 2023, 05:04:36 PM »
Looking for the battery cable hold down clip attached to the passenger side front frame.
Broke it while removing the battery cables .
Can anyone e help out a Buick Brother?

General Buick Tech / Thermostat install
« on: November 29 2022, 12:56:31 PM »
Any suggestions on the best way to change thermostat with the least amount of coolant spillage?

Iíve got to change out my T-stat & am running GN1ís aluminum upper coolant pipe in lieu of a flexible rad hose so itís a bit trickier.
Any suggestions to minimize spilled coolant would be greatly appreciated

General Buick Tech / Best oil pump pick up tube for 109
« on: January 04 2020, 09:28:24 AM »
Am looking for a replacement oil pump pick up tube / screen assíy for 109 short block.

Whatís the recommendation?
* original GM used pick up tube?
* melling pick up tube?
* TA Performance pick up tube?

Looking for a Kirbanís chrome insert for battery hold down clamp

Anyone running this combination ? Would like to hear from you with your experience with this. The fit is tight with only maybe 1/8" clearance between the two on the passenger side .
I've installed mine yesterday and have a concern with the possibility of it hitting the intercooler body during full suspension travel.  The curve in the 34mm sway bar (which curves downward vs the stock 32mm sway bar which curves outward or towards the front of the car). During suspension compression the upward motion of the A arm will cause the bar to roll in a downward direction & I am not sure if it will contact the intercooler tank?

Would appreciate hearing from anyone who has some tips or advice.



Canada / Turbo Buick Christmas Breakfast?
« on: December 17 2017, 08:16:12 AM »
Hey Guys......Just wanted to reach out to you all and Wish Everyone a Very Merry Christmas and Happy (Healthy) New Year!    :111:

How about a group Christmas Breakfast?
Same place as in previous years....somet ime between Christmas and New Year...

Looks like we have 2 dates being considered.... .Thursday December 28th & Saturday December 30th.
both at 8:45am

I'm off during the week so it's no problem for me on Thursday, but not sure about the majority of others?
Let's hear the date that's most popular for the group and we will book it.
Will need numbers to confirm seating at some point in time though.

Sunset Grill
2610 Weston Road, Toronto, ON M9N 2B1''/26...3!2d43.7113347

Canada / 2017 Turbo Buick Fall Cruise
« on: October 07 2017, 11:12:53 AM »
For anyone in or around the GTA......
The 2017 Fall Turbo Buick Cruise is scheduled for next Saturday October 14th (rain date Sunday October 15th).

Details on Facebook - TBSO (Turbo Buick Owners of Southern Ontario).

Everyone welcome!

Hope to see you there.

Happy Thanksgiving (to all you Canadians)

IHADAV8 Playground / Toronto Turbo Buick Group Xmas Breakfast?
« on: December 19 2016, 09:23:09 PM »
Duplicate Post  :icon_eyes:


Buick Events / Toronto Turbo Buick Group Xmas Breakfast?
« on: December 19 2016, 09:12:25 PM »
Anyone interested in a turbo buick group breakfast over the Xmas Holidays?

How about the same spot as over the last few years.
Sunset Grill   2610 Weston Road, Toronto, ON M9N2B1''/26...3!2d43.7113347

I'm off for the week. Let's hear some date(s) that work for you.

Merry Christmas to All 

For Sale/Trade/Want To Buy / WTB - Front & Rear Bumper Shock Absorbers
« on: December 05 2016, 07:24:32 AM »
Looking for both sets (Front & Rear) Bumper Impact Shock Absorbers.
Must be in good condition (clean shape and not collapsed)

Shipping to Niagara Falls, NY 14303

LMK what you've got.



General Buick Tech / Installing Valve Springs while heads still on engine
« on: February 24 2016, 04:03:06 PM »
Does anyone have any tips or suggestions for installing #6 Exhaust Valve Spring with the Kirban tool.

Using compressed air and not finding it too bad.
I've got em all done except for #6 Exhaust.

I did manage to get the old spring off, but did struggle with it.

Can't seem to be able to manage the installation of the new keepers & retainer / spring. Lack of working space and the fact that there is no leverage on the tool make this job a b*tch.  Wrench keeps slipping off and rocker arm not staying centred over the valve to make it impossible.

Thanks in advance.


Looking for an HR PartsNstuff control arm bushing removal tool to borrow, rent or buy?


General Buick Tech / Removing Headrests?
« on: September 14 2015, 07:01:54 AM »
Can anyone shed some light on how these things can be removed?
Not having any luck using a taped hack saw blade.



I'm posting this for a buddy who is looking for front & rear bumpers for his 1975 Buick Lesabre Custom Convertible (455 cu in V8).
I know it's not a turbo buick , but it is a Buick, so I thought I'd post here anyways.

He is located near Toronto, Canada, but we can have these shipped to a Niagara Falls, NY address.

Anyone know of where he can find these?  I understand they are quite rare?

Would appreciate any leads or help / assistance that you can provide.



As the title yone got one they'd part with?



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