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IHADAV8 Playground / Saying good bye to my GN
« on: September 11 2018, 07:22:19 PM »
As some of you know, my shop got flooded. The GN was in the hobby shop and water got in from the seats on down. We called the insurance company and they've opted to total it. If the numbers are OK, I am more than likely going that route. I'm thankful for the good experiences we had with the car, but it seems it time to move on.

IHADAV8 Playground / Junior Achievement
« on: December 20 2017, 10:15:45 PM »
Wish me luck, I'm working with six 10th and 11th graders tomorrow. I'm excited, can't wait to see their perspective and views. I've had homework for a couple of weeks now, let's see how I do.

IHADAV8 Playground / Thinking of Texas
« on: August 25 2017, 07:04:57 PM »
Keep in touch all that are affected by the storm. This looks like a bad one.

General Buick Tech / New XFI
« on: June 24 2017, 04:32:10 PM »
Anyone following the new Sportsman XFI offer from Cal Hartline? Seems like a pretty sweet deal

IHADAV8 Playground / Did we just have an 8 day time warp?
« on: April 26 2017, 09:27:13 PM »
When Mark decides to take a vacation, he takes a vacation :cheers:

IHADAV8 Playground / Annual Thanksgiving walk
« on: November 24 2016, 03:29:52 PM »
We have a gorgeous trail by the Susquehanna river. We try every year to walk off dinner to make room for dessert. Now we have a new family member to share our walk, all 3 miles of it.

IHADAV8 Playground / Arizona bound
« on: November 22 2016, 05:29:11 PM »
One of the lucky 5!!!!!! I usually don't win anything but maybe as I'm getting older my luck is changing. Just found out today but the date isn't set. I'll be in Daytona at the end of February, I hope they take that into consideration.

IHADAV8 Playground / Can one of you Texas guys check on Charlie
« on: October 04 2016, 10:22:49 AM »
I just got a disturbing e-mail from him and want to know who is the closest to him. Jason?

IHADAV8 Playground / Our new addition
« on: August 28 2016, 07:25:32 PM »
It's been a stressful month. Thomas was having trouble with the bed of the rollback, it needed to see the local rollback specialist. 1,300 bucks later we find the frame and bed are junk. The rollback side of the business has been doing well so we started shopping again. We found this Kodiak locallly. 230K miles, 6 spd, 3116 Cat, 19' bed, dual controls, and the wheel lift we wanted to begin with. It's like a cousin to my GMC Topkick whick has been verl reliable.

General Buick Tech / Richard Clark's
« on: April 26 2016, 07:35:46 PM »
Anybody here going next week?

IHADAV8 Playground / 2016 at Maple Grove
« on: April 16 2016, 05:53:06 PM »
I've decided to take one more shot at points racing at Maple Grove. I'm trying to run the car in "Street", which is an 11:50 and slower class, no roll bar needed. This car though loves to run 11.20's at 20psi. I was practicing different shift and launch points and got it to run high 11.4's, (2nd pass was 11.35). Tomorrow I'm going to cut back the boost in time trials. I swear I'm going to make this thing competitive in a season. This years my last shot, I'm getting too old,  next year Thomas gets it back!!!.

IHADAV8 Playground / Still looking for a Rebel
« on: March 25 2016, 05:57:41 PM »
May have found one. Road trip!!! 

IHADAV8 Playground / Next couple of days
« on: February 03 2016, 06:22:03 PM »
I have the opportunity the next two days to spend in a small aircraft with a friend doing some sorta unusual stuff. He has a 2003 Jabiru 250 series. Thursday we're going to the Delmarva peninsula to meet a relay from the Carolina's transfer a litter of pups and their Mom and deliver to somewhere in north Jersery. I have to tend to the dogs in flight. It's a last minute thing, so I don't know the breed or circumstance. Than Friday we're flying to West Virginia to check out a motorhome. If he likes it I'll drive it home, if not, I'll fly back. Talk about a win-win. Anyway, I may not be back until Saturday and offline for awhile.

IHADAV8 Playground / Texas Auto Liquidators
« on: December 01 2015, 07:24:51 AM »
Anybody know anything about them or dealt with them? A friend of mind is looking at a truck they have.

Bitch/Whine/Moan / Why not?
« on: July 03 2015, 08:09:14 PM »
Since the recent supreme court ruling, it seems that maybe being a lesbian is OK in the courts eye. So I'm  thinking, why not give it a try? Probably a dike wouldn't be cool, but a lesbian might be worth looking into. Just thinking...... ......

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