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IHADAV8 Playground / Windows 8
« on: March 14 2013, 09:02:49 AM »
I just got a new computer yesterday, it came with Windows 8 and I am not really liking this operating system.  My last 2 computers were running XP and my son's laptop that we got last summer runs Windows 7 (also Windows 7 at work) they all worked and did things like I expected but this Windows 8 seems like it is more for a smart phone than a computer.   :013:
Any one got any good tutorial links for Windows 8 or should I just go back to Windows 7?  Can you even buy Windows 7 anymore?
Thanks in advance,

General Buick Tech / Intake Gasket
« on: February 03 2013, 01:55:18 PM »
I am going to buy an intake maniforld gasket for an engine that needs assembly.  The engine will be using Champion aluminum heads, I *believe* the gasket I want to get is the Felpro #MS96033 since the Champion heads don't have EGR ports, correct? 
Or is there a newer, better gasket that I should use?
Thanks for any and all help.

General Buick Tech / Cam choice??
« on: December 20 2012, 03:28:19 PM »
A "friend" of mine recently purchased an almost complete engine, some assembly required.
The short block is plenty stout for what his ultimate goals are and it came with a set of GN 1 aluminum heads as well.  The only part that this engine needs is to have a cam purchased and installed.  He is looking for cam suggestions and he is leaning towards a roller cam.
So does anyone have any suggestions for a roller cam for a mostly weekend bruiser that will never be a daily driver but will see the odd road trip here and there along with a few trips to the track.  Currently he has a 2800 stall lockup torque converter and will be using a stock turbo until funds allow a larger turbo, a season probably.  He already has a good intercooler for when the larger turbo comes along and the car is currently running a good fuel system along with Julio's alcohol kit.
My friend would appreciate any and all thoughts on cam choice, thanks.

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