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General Buick Tech / Fuel Gauge Not Reading Correctly
« on: Today at 12:19:23 AM »
I have installed a Racetronix 255 LPH fuel pump and sending unit. When the tank is full it reads almost 3/4 full. Do I need to drop the tank and play with the float, or am I missing something?

General Buick Tech / My GN lives and thank you to the forum
« on: July 20 2023, 11:21:11 PM »
I want to thank everyone who has answered my questions over the last couple of years. I finally started my car yesterday. I was surprised it started right off. Have a couple of minor leaks to address, but overall running good. My scanmaster reads BL of 124-128 at idle depending on which time I start it. TPS is .42. Now the bad, I have Mal code 43. Bad ESC or wiring. I can get a new ESC Module from NAPA for $220. Is that the way to go, or does someone have a better suggestion? I have included a few pictures of the progress. Again, thank you all!!

General Buick Tech / Help with turbo mounting and vacuum lines
« on: June 17 2023, 11:02:02 PM »
I am finally getting my car back together. I purchased a new stock replacement turbo from GN1 Performance. After getting it installed the inlet neck doesn’t line up with the intercooler very well. Did I mess up somewhere? The intercooler is down as far as possible. Is it a turbo problem? Should I have had my original rebuilt? Or am I making something out of nothing?
Also would it be a problem to replace a hard vacuum line with hose?

General Buick Tech / My Progress So Far
« on: September 24 2022, 10:03:18 PM »
Here are some pictures of my progress so far. Every thing under the car is done along with what you see.

General Buick Tech / Vacuum Line Question
« on: September 21 2022, 09:39:00 PM »
Anyone have a suggestion on how to fix this?
Also suggestion on where to find a vacuum check valve for the larger vacuum line to the brake booster on a vacuum brake conversion?

General Buick Tech / 140 Amp Alternator
« on: August 30 2022, 10:37:02 AM »
Has anyone installed a 140 amp alternator from a 96 Impala 5.7 engine? I have watched a video and read that it is a direct swap. I purchased an AC Delco alternator and the two ears and clocking are good. The problem I see is the bolt for the back side of the alternator will not work for the bracket from the exhaust manifold. Also the pulley is about 3/16" in diameter smaller. Thoughts or suggestions? Should I leave well enough alone and go with another 120 amp alternator?

General Buick Tech / Transmission Line Heat Shield
« on: August 03 2022, 10:20:18 PM »
My car is missing this heat shield. Does anyone have this on their car? If so does anyone know where I might find one? Is it really necessary?

General Buick Tech / Coil Pack Question
« on: July 24 2022, 11:20:49 PM »
Went to remove my coil pack to replace it. What I found was some industrial strength light green goo. I think it would take forever to try to clean up this mess. I found an ignition module on Rock Auto, GM Genuine for $149.00. The part number is the same as AC Delco. I hate to spend the money, but it might be a better option. Thoughts? Also I tried to post a photo taken from my iPhone, but am having no luck.

General Buick Tech / Stock Timing Chain
« on: July 16 2022, 12:43:09 AM »
Can someone point me in the direction of where to find a stock style timing chain and gear set? Also for those with more knowledge than me, do you recommend cork or rubber gaskets for valve covers and oil pan gaskets? Not doing a rebuild, just fixing all the oil leaks and installing new valve spring I purchased from Kirban. Any help is appreciated.

For Sale/Trade/Want To Buy / Need Rear Bumper Shocks
« on: October 15 2021, 02:42:24 PM »
Need two rear bumper shocks. As long as they are not collapsed.

Bitch/Whine/Moan / G Body Parts
« on: November 10 2020, 12:43:44 PM »
On 10/1 I ordered Aluminum Bumper Supports and a Rear End Cover from G Body Parts. On 10/7 the supports arrived. On 10/19 I emailed customer service as to the status of the rear end cover. On 10/26 I emailed shipping and tracking. On 11/2 I sent a fax with my contact information. On 11/6 I emailed Brian asking to cancel the order and get my money back. I have received no response and they do not answer the phone. Has anyone else had problems with G Body Parts? I thought they were a reputable company.

Paint and Body / Aluminum Bumper Shocks
« on: October 24 2020, 03:24:26 PM »
I am in the process of restoring my car. I purchased the aluminum bumper shocks from G Body parts. I painted and installed them, but will not be putting the bumper on till next spring. It looks like they tilt up towards the outside of the car. Has anyone installed these? If so, how did they fit?

New Member Introductions and Welcomes! / New to the site
« on: October 10 2020, 10:32:50 PM »
New here from Nebraska. A little about myself, I have owned an 84 T-Type 1988-1990, 87 GN 1998-2000 and an 86 GN from 2003-2006. As life got in the way the cars had to go for other things. Now that life has settled down I have another 87 GN. It is all original with 91,00 miles. I have just begun to refurbish/restore the car as everything needs attention. I am almost done with the underside & suspension from the firewall back. Next spring the engine/trans will come out to finish the suspension and address all the oil leaks these cars are famous for. I was excited to find this site as I have forgotten what I once knew about these cars. Sadly there is no one in my area to turn to for advice anymore. I will be asking questions as I move along in this process. I am looking to build a mostly stock cruiser. Happy to be here.

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