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Paul Ferry takes over Buick GS Club GSCA

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Such a nice man, we wish Paul great success!!!...
.Well it's official...   I have taken on the Buick GS Club of America, which so far is a LOT more time/effort/expense than I figured it would be.  There was an article in the SPRING issue of the GSX-tra newsletter letting people know about it, and a follow-up article with more details in this current (SUMMER) issue too.  We created a NEW website: (Make sure to use the  .ORG  at the end) where people can finally renew or join the club easily and safely online too.  It's kinda basic for now, but is correct & functions good.  We will add more pictures & pages as time allows.  I got some high hopes for the club, and plan to do as much for the members as I can & give a LOT back if it grows like I think it will.  Hope you all get to be a part of it!

The new owner Paul Ferry (aka HRpartsNstuff) has been outspoken for the benefit of the members for over 20 years in the club, with a new goal to constantly improve on the experience and value for the members. With a revived vision and 40th anniversary coming up, it is fueling all kinds of new and exciting ideas to give more back to the members (like a club should be)! The previous owner (Richard Lassiter) will become a contributing editor, and help out with his incredible resource of Buick related information over the years.

Steve Wood:
Congratulation s to Paul.  It's about time those bastards gave it up.

I might have to send in the money and join again.

The way I understand it Paul gets and runs the gsca club and Richard L. still keeps and runs the GS Nationals. I wish Paul a lot of luck and credit. He is a great guy. Not sure how the Nats with improve with Richard still in charge. Time will tell.


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