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Had a great time last weekend. Met so many new people. Finally got to meet Dave, Bruce, Paul and many others.. The car show was a huge success. Friday's Test and Tune was fun. I went red 1st round of the Gamblers race. It was depressing Saturday night listening to the rain knowing Sunday was probably going to be a washout, and it was. I finally got adjusted to my 2step, ran back to back 11.52, 11.53. I was overwhelmed by the reaction of the car leaving at 6psi and was fighting red lights all day Friday. Finally got my spot on the tree close at -.014. I was hoping to go rounds to do better but that's the way it goes. I'll probably go to Maple Grove or Cecil County this weekend to finish adjusting. Since I camp at the track, I was really looking forward to Sunday racing and seeing everybody. We had reservations at the campground we stayed Thursday for the way home, we cancelled that and drove straight thru Sunday 8:45 and getting home 4:45 that afternoon. It was a miserable drive the last 3 hours. We hit heavy rain. the Rt 80 hills took out my left side exhaust manifold gasket and probably warped the manifold. That makes for an irritating ticking noise and wondering if it's gonna melt a spark plug boot. I limped it home though and it really isn't a difficult repair.
At the last moment Sunday AM I talked with a neighboring camper named Bob. He new a better route from the track to RT80. I followed him for 2 hours to Youngstown. I figured if we couldn't race the Buick's why not race the Motorhomes??? Another truck followed us and we caravaned and than went our separate ways at Youngstown.

Welcome back Gary. The Texas races have been postponed until the 13th because of the weather. Now you're getting some of what we got for the last month. :rofl: Should I send you some water wings? :icon_fU:

It was really good to finally meet you Gary!


It was great meeting you and I appreciate the use of your squeegie!! 

Back at you. How was your trip home?


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