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The Buick Performance Group presents a Class of 1987 Buick Reunion in 2012

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The Buick Performance Group presents "Class of 1987 Buick Reunion and Big Boat Bash"
 The Buick Performance Group along with
 Doug Nigro, owner of The Official Buick GNX Registry at GNXREGISTRY.OR G
 Dennis Kirban of Kirban Performance Kirban Performance - Buick Grand National Parts, T-Type, Turbo T, GNX Parts, Chevrolet Chevy Corvette Parts, Ford Mustang Parts, Pontiac GTO Parts [url=]www.kirbanperf[/url]
 Richard Clark of ZDDPlus

GNX Update an e-mail from former VP at McLaren who was responsible for the ASC conversion of the GN to a GNX and owns the final prototype that was used at the production plant as the "Master"for quality purposes. This will be a not to miss event
 To introduce myself, in 1986-7, I was a vice president at McLaren responsible for the business interface with ASC and was the McLaren program director on the GNX program. From the time the model was conceived at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway until the final car was delivered, I led the McLaren product development and production support efforts on the program. (See the GNX book for my verification) I also own what is plated as Car000 which is the final prototype vehicle listed in the book and the one that was used in the production plant as a 'master" vehicle for quality purposes. This car has been mostly in storage until recently and now has about 1100 miles on it. I have shown it at private shows and it has been on display at the Woodward Dream cruise a couple of times.
 I just received a letter that was sent to Wiley McCoy at McLaren telling about the GNX event next year and requesting speakers to come down to Ohio. I can tell you that even though I have been "off doing other things" since the end of my time at McLaren, I have a sincere passion about this project that transcends all of my other career work.
 I would be happy to talk to you about participating in the event, my car and the program.
 Hope to hear from you soon.
 Louis Infante
 I have verified this information and Rick aka X Ray will be also attending.


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 I will try to attend this :)


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