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General Buick Tech / Re: Cam sensor
« Last post by TexasT on Today at 01:08:29 PM »
Are you already running a non lockup? The pump needs some different setup when going from lock up to nonlock up.

Also inspect that stator support while you have it apart to make Sure it is in good shape.
General Buick Tech / Re: Cam sensor
« Last post by Tim Hensley on Today at 03:28:28 AM »
After talking to Lonnie he says I broke the stator in the converter
New bullet non-lockup on the way
**things don't deteriorate as quickly down here**

You could eat off the bottom of my wife's T-Type when we brought it north, really quite amazing
do it Jason they are tiny!!!

My son's '72 plymouth has turned out to be much better than I would have ever suspected.  It was a one owner car from Washington state so I think that had a lot to do with it.  Surprisingly, other than one small spot at the bottom of the front fender in front of the door, it only has a few spots of light surface rust. He needs a third back seat to make it really good but that may be hard to find.  I saw a '66 Ford wagon in angelo the other day.  He parked in front of me while I was waiting on friend to have lunch.

yeah, last time I looked at the Vega, he had one ugly spot in the top and nothing else too bad.  I was going to build a street gasser but I had too many projects and I got old in the meantime.
I'd be in for picking up a wagon vega for ya Steve.  Brad probably doesn't realize that things don't deteriorate as quickly down here as they do up in salt and snow land. Mike and I are your wagon guys!
General Buick Tech / Re: Grainger Valve-How Does It Work and Advantages
« Last post by nocooler on May 21 2018, 06:41:10 PM »
2 solenoids and boost commander worked very well. I know some chips work the solenoid pretty hard to promote spool up too.
Yeah, doesn't make my budget but does work well according to many places I've read. I went ahead an pulled the arm and out the new rubber bushings in the upper. They were pretty shot. I'm leaning toward the 1/2" taller b/j but at $100 plus shipping I'm going to have to work that into he budget too. I've got a full f/e overhaul to do on our 94 suburban. It isn't going well as in not bein able to get the wheel off. GusszGS said hit it with sledge hammer so I soaked it down in pb blaster and gave it some whacks with a 2x6 on the tire with the lugs loose and the jack under the a arm. No luck yet but I am hopeful.

On to the pix of the T arm bushings. I went ahead and made up a shield to cover the new bushing. Still have to pull the manifold and replace as it is cracked too. Never ending. Up side I pulled the carb on our 2 cycle tiller and got it squared away. As luck would have it, the rain came so I didn't get to run it.

I hope it doesn't rattle too much. We will see. Gotta get a new boot for the b/j as I wrecked it taking it off. This is where the idea that the 1/2" taller joint so I can put them in instead so I don't have to take it apart twice.
General Buick Tech / Re: Front Cover
« Last post by TWild on May 21 2018, 09:37:40 AM »
I think I have a GM front cover, because it has a GM part number cast into it. I also just shimmed the cam sensor because it had a ton of vertical play. As far as the torque on the crank bolt Mr. Steve, I tightened it to 235 lb. ft. (I think the spec was 219 but I wanted to make sure it was tight)

I'm gonna go back and check the adjustment on the crank sensor. I only set it on one blade of the reluctor and then rotated the crank and looked for contact. This time I'll check all three blades with my adjustment tool (Strip of an old ID card).

BTW Earl, I got the magnetic drain plug you sent me and I still haven't located the plug that it spit out the driver's side oil galley. 


General Buick Tech / Re: Grainger Valve-How Does It Work and Advantages
« Last post by Scoobum on May 21 2018, 09:27:32 AM »
Thanks. Think I'll pick one up and get the hang of it this year before I start racing again this year.
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